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TechGloss is the blog sharing all its experience on basics of blogging. It basically started with a motto to aware every person with new Technology. It would share all its experience and gives you the best. It would provide you information about,what is the going on in technological field ,also about smartphone,tablet,computers, operating systems etc.With passing of time it would diversify its features and would expand it capabilities. As the tagline goes “Reveals Upcoming Technology”, wants to encourage people to read about new and current articles through TechGloss.

About Me :Champak_Gahtori_TechGloss

Hello, I am Champak Gahtori, a part-time blogger from Haldwani, India. Professionally, I am a Electronics & Communication Engineering student in B.T.K.I.T Dwarahat Almora Institute of Govt. of Uttarakhand.

I started this blog with a very few resources available around. Before I started, I knew nothing about Domain, Hosting or WordPress. But now, out of my passion, I have learned every basic things needed to start a blog.

I always believe that on internet a person can find all the necessary information. And I have made best use of it. Search engines help a lot and GOOGLE always rocks!!


Contact Info:

  • Email : amiablechamps.92@gmail.com
  • Mobile: +918755055303


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