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Data Protection with Insta-LockDown -A Personal Anti Data Theft Software

Data Protection

Well guys, today I’m going to tell you about a famous Data Protection software Insta-LockDown. This is a useful software for the average computer user, developed by CopyNotify. CopyNotify is one of Brand India’s premier anti data theft prevention software that addresses the data security and data protection needs of Small Business Networks. For more information on latest …

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Top iPhone Applications You Must Have in Your iPhone- 10 Cool iPhone Apps- For Free Download TechGloss

Top iPhone Apps Top iPhone Apps

Cool iPhone Apps : In this era almost many people have a smartphone with different features and function. iPhone is one of them. These smartphones offer you a number of apps. Apps are the need of all smartphones. With these apps you can perform many tasks and get lots of entertainment. Apple stores have a huge …

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UMTS Technology- A Third Generation Mobile Telephony System, Basics and Uses |Frequency Band for UMTS |UMTS Phone & Data Card


UMTS: UMTS Stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System developed within 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project).  UMTS is the Third Generation mobile telephony system for networks based on GSM standards. We also call it 3G acronym for Third Generation. UMTS enables both Voice and Data services and offers greater spectral efficiency and bandwidth than its predecessor, GSM …

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