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Best Quad-Core & Dual-Core Smart Phones Under 20000 Rs, In September 2013 -TechGloss

Searching for phones under 20000 that don’t lag in performance? Here I am, providing you the best collection of phones under 20000. Many of these phones have quad core processors, better RAM size, nice GPU etc. All these phones give you better experience even with high workload such as web browsing, gaming or multitasking. Packed with heavy features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM, and many more.   I have only included Top 5 phones launched recently in the month of July and August. If you want to know more about phones under 20000 please read my previous post. I think you may surely finalize the best one. Best Phones under …

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Top iPhone Applications You Must Have in Your iPhone- 10 Cool iPhone Apps- For Free Download TechGloss

Cool iPhone Apps : In this era almost many people have a smartphone with different features and function. iPhone is one of them. These smartphones offer you a number of apps. Apps are the need of all smartphones. With these apps you can perform many tasks and get lots of entertainment. Apple stores have a huge collection of apps that you can utilize on their iPhone. I’m suggesting you some of the cool iPhone apps among them. Hope you would like it. Download these cool iPhone apps for free from Apples official website click Here.   Sonar:  This app is among one of the Cool iPhone apps used for Social Networking …

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Low Cost Handsome Phones Under 10000 For Best Buying – Collection Of Windows & Android Phones

Smart phones under 10000 : Smart phones under 10000 are best budget phones providing better capabilities & user experience. In this current world you are using ultra-tech as well as wireless technologies and you all know that they are available in all price range. So I must say that it is also the case with mobile phones now a days. Mobile phones are available in all cost range varying from higher to lower. An average class guy really doesn’t have a handsome pocket to buy for costly handsets and later they worry in vain for not getting good features even after spending this much of money. So I’m goanna provide you …

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Ultrabook Review – Features and Advantages of Ultrabook | Basic Idea Behind Ultrabooks -Techgloss

What is an Ultrabook and Advantages of ultrabook: Ultrabook is the brand or set of labels proposed by Intel for a class of light-weighing notebooks. Advantages of ultrabook are providing higher performance and extended battery life with its slim and tiny model. In modern days every one prefers a technology which is small, fast and easily portable. This is the case with Ultrabook. They are cracking the market with their smart features, small weighs and sleek looks. By seeing the advantages of ultrabook lots of professionals prefer itover laptops for daily use. In short Ultrabooks are oxygen for the professionals.   Now the Intel fourth generation processors are readily available in ultrabook …

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