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Windows Dialog Boxes & Command Buttons:TechGloss

Windows Dialoge Boxes, Windows Dialog Boxes & Command Buttons

Today my Post is in context of Windows Dialog Boxes.First of all What are the Windows Dialog Boxes? Windows Dialog Boxes: Windows Dialog Boxes are special windows where you are asked to give details and select options. It used to enable reciprocal communication or “dialog” between a computer and its user. It may communicate information to the user, prompt the …

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Fixing Windows 8 Problems-TechGloss

Start8 Fixing Windows 8, Fixing Windows 8, Windows 8 Error

 Today my post is in context of  Fixing Windows 8. Want to know about Windows 8 Operating System in Detail: click here. Are you don’t like Windows 8 user interface, new start menu? Can’t stand the modern apps? If yes then You have two options:   1. Go back to Windows 7 Or 2. Fixing the windows 8 User Interface …

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Windows Operating System- Brief History | Stairs To The Windows 8 -TechGloss

Windows Operating System

History of Windows Operating System: Most of us use Microsoft Windows Operating System in our computers. Today we are having the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system in our personal computers, Laptops, also in Smartphones. But have you ever thought that how Microsoft has reached this peak? OK don’t worry we are going to it through this post ”History of Windows Operating System”. Microsoft started …

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