Data Protection with Insta-LockDown -A Personal Anti Data Theft Software

Well guys, today I’m going to tell you about a famous Data Protection software Insta-LockDown. This is a useful software for the average computer user, developed by CopyNotify. CopyNotify is one of Brand India’s premier anti data theft prevention software that addresses the data security and data protection needs of Small Business Networks. For more information on latest products of CopyNotify follow it on Twitter and ‘Like’ FB page . Now let’s take an in-depth view of Insta-LockDown.


Data Protection




Insta-LockDown is a handy software for Data protection which has many features. With Insta-LockDown you have good Data security and Data protection at your finger tips. It works as a guard against the unauthorized copying of data. Whether your computer is being used by other users or you forgot to lock it, Insta-LockDown gives a high level of data protection against data theft at all times.


Why Insta-LockDown for Data Protection:

1. Personal Anti Data Theft Software for PCs and Laptops.

2. Protect against copying of data when others use your PC.

3. Data Theft Protection even if your logon password has been compromised.

4. Auto Lock Down of Data when the PC is left IDLE or Unattended.

5. Very Fast, smooth and user friendly Interface for data protection.


Data Protection Features With Insta-LockDown:

Block USB Flash Drives:

This feature automatically locks all of your USB Ports. So Blocks copying of data to external USB devices viz. flash Drives, mpeg players, cameras and mobiles via USB port.

Disable Portable Modems /Data Cards:

Enabling this feature keeps users away from connecting to the internet via portable Modems and Data cards.


 Data Protection

Insta-CPanel for Data Protection


Restrict Access by Smart Phones /Tablets:

Disallow data transfer from the computer to other devices viz. Smart
Phones, Tablets by disabling Bluetooth.

Block Wi-Fi and Wireless Networks:

Block access of the computer to Wired LANs or Wi-Fi Hotspots and achieve
data protection wherever you go.

Prevent Uploading of Data Attachments:

This is a great feature provided by Insta-LockDown for data protection. Now you can easily prevent users from uploading data via browser based web applications . Insta-LockDown restricts data from being uploaded via browser based clients of popular web applications such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Inactivity Lock:

Insta-LockDown automatically initiates a Data Lock Down for data protection if the computer is not in use over a specified period of time.


Get Free  License of Insta-LockDown For One Year:

Now I can surely say that Insta-LockDown is like Oxygen against Data Theft. If you want to download this nice software you can get it from There is a Machine ID that is displayed Insta-LockDown Control Panel. We need that ID for giving you the license code. Only the first 5 users get a free license of Insta-LockDown. So lets go for it and do send us the machine ID for enjoying the offer.


At present Insta-LockDown is only available for 32 bit versions of Windows XP (sp2), Vista and Windows 7. This data protection software is planned to be available for other versions of Windows as well. So what do you think of Insta-LockDown, a best working software in the field of Data Protection?


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