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Top iPhone Apps :

In this era almost many people have a smartphone with different features and function. iPhone is one of them. These smartphones offer you a number of apps. Apps are the need of all smartphones. With these apps you can perform many tasks and get lots of entertainment. Apple stores have a huge collection of apps that you can utilize on their iPhone. I’m suggesting you some of the top iPhone apps among them. Hope you would like it. Download these top iPhone apps for free from Apples official website click Here.



This app is among one of the top iPhone apps used for Social Networking purposes. It keeps you in touch with friends and like-minded people nearby.

Sonar Top iPhone Apps


Features :

You can find friends nearby with help of social accounts.

Find out what you have in common with interesting people nearby.

Chat with friends and other Sonar users.

It provides Background Sharing facility.

Whenever any activity is done by your friends, it sends a ping for alerting you.




ChatON Top iPhone Apps.


ChatON also is in one of the top iPhone apps used for chatting purposes. Through ChatON app you can chat and share your life events with your friends over the world. All it needs first is to make a Samsung account.


ChatON supports single chat and group chat feature.

You can send multimedia message to you friends.

ChatON app runs on smartphones, tablets and PC’s.




WeChat also is in one of the top iPhone apps used for chatting purposes. You can use it for sending text, voice message and video calls to your friends.

WeChat Application.

WeChat-Top iPhone Apps.

Features of this Top iPhone Apps:

As it is fast and reliable application for chatting so used by most of the users.

It facilitates sending photos and videos on the go.

Share, like and comments on photos.

Always on, so no chance of missing a message.

Provides better voice and video quality.




Podcasts Top iPhone Apps

Podcasts lies in one of the top iPhone apps for Entertainment. It connects us with online Podcasts Store via internet. Podcasts app provides a platform for searching, playing and subscribing to our favorite podcast. In podcasts Store there is a huge collection of audio and video podcasts. You can choose them according to your taste and can subscribe it.

Features of this Top iPhone Apps:

Enjoy all of your audio and video podcasts in a single app.

Explore hundreds of thousands of podcasts including shows in over 40 languages.

Top Charts are used to find a variety of podcast series viz. comedy, music, arts, sports and many more.

Browsing facility to find your favourite podcast and what’s popular in Top Charts.



Yahoo! Weather:

Yahoo Wather Application.

Yahoo Wather-Top iPhone Apps.

This Weather app is among one of the top iPhone apps. It updates you with most accurate weather forecasts. Gives you fresh images of your area. Also tells about the many factors related to weather viz. temperature, humidity.

 Features of this Top iPhone Apps:

Gives the accurate images according to your location and time zone.

Get real-time forecasts, temperatures and wind maps.



Google Maps:

Google maps app

Google maps-Top iPhone Apps.

Unfamiliar with new places, no need to worry. Here is the Google map, the best solution of your problem. It helps you to explore unfamiliar places, local favorites viz. hotels and malls. Overall navigate your world with Google Maps. I think this among top iPhone apps used for Navigation.


Easy to use and handle.

Accurate maps of 200 countries and useful information on over 100 million places worldwide.

Voice guided GPS navigation.

Best spots, places according to the views of localized, friends and experts.

Save you favorite locations, objects and access your past searches.




Emoji app

Emoji-Top iPhone Apps.

It is true that we can express many unwritten things with pictures, icons and symbols. It is the case with this top iPhone apps Emoji. Express much with pictures created entirely out of Emoji icons.

Features of this Top iPhone Apps:

Create your own Emoji Art Pictures and words.

Edit around 3000+ Emoji Art Pictures and words.

Share created Emoji Art Pictures as text or image to other devices.




I think you all are familiar with YouTube app. It is also the top iPhone apps used for Entertainment purposes. This app provides us the facility of seeing online videos. you can create our playlist of favorite videos and can subscribe to the channel which you like most. Share your watched and favorite videos in social sites.

Youtube app

Youtube-Top iPhone Apps.


Search videos and channels which you like on the go.

Subscribe to your favorite channels.

Create your playlist and watch later list.

Easily share videos in social networks.




instagram Top iPhone Apps

Instagram lie among top iPhone apps uses for sharing purposes. Share your life, photos and videos with family and friends easily with Instagram. Take a picture or video, transform its look and feel, using appropriate filter. And then post to Instagram.


Attractive platform and easy to handle.

Share edited pictures and videos to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.




SnapChat app

SnapChat-Top iPhone Apps.

Have you think about fleeting images? Yes that’s right Snapchat is one of the top iPhone apps which deals with this type of images. It is a special way to share moments with friends. Snap an ugly pic or a video, add a caption, and send it to friends. They’ll receive it, laugh, and then the snap disappears.


Know about Best and Budget Smartphones HereGive your feeds, drop comments and share the app that you have liked. What you think about these apps are they really the top iPhone apps

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