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5 Techniques To Apply For Good Natural Referencing In 2022

SEO for your website is like insulation for a house: you’re good if it’s done well. Indeed, a qualitative natural referencing for its site is essential. This SEO strategy allows your site to be better placed in search engines and, therefore, to have more visits. In other words, to be warm, up there, at the top of Google searches.

Define A Keyword Strategy

One of the first things to do when listing your site is to choose the right keywords. This is one of the most strategic stages of SEO. And these choices are not trivial. There are millions of keywords, but it’s up to you to find all the queries users may be looking for to land on your site. In other words, it is essential to position yourself on your activity and to choose the target of your positioning.

For example, if you are a bakery operating only in Cergy-Pontoise, it will be essential to specify the search in the keyword, which could be “Cergy Pontoise bakery.” But beyond this main search (and indeed quite competitive), you must also find more specific natural queries so that Internet users come across your site by searching for them. It could be “Cergy raspberry tart” or “Cergy bakery open on Sundays.”

This semantic field is essential and will allow your site to be found more easily on keywords with less search volume. Fortunately, as life is well done, there are plenty of tools to help you with this keyword research. We can cite SEMrush, Keywords Planner, Mazen, Google Trends… It is up to you to stand out for this strategy to be effective.

Have A Blog To Improve Your SEO

The blog is a bit like the turbo on a car. If you don’t have it, you will progress more slowly. In terms of SEO, you would therefore go less far and less high in the search engines. Having a blog allows better referencing but, above all, adds a tremendous added value to it. Indeed, it will enable you to create quality content (which Google loves because it will be relevant, engaging, and meet Internet users’ expectations), highlight your expertise, and relay your news incidentally.

The advantages of a blog for your SEO are numerous. First of all, it allows keywords (which we have just seen). However, be careful! If it is important to put keywords in its texts, especially in its titles (H1 and H2 mainly), it should not be abused! Too much repetition could, on the contrary, negatively impact your SEO.

Beyond that, the blog also offers the possibility of improving its internal mesh, namely its net linking (which we will see a little later). It is also ideal for creating backlinks, essential for SEO. Finally, having a blog will also bring you notoriety and, a fortiori, more customers thanks to its traffic, more significant and positive impact on inbound marketing and sales. If you want to know more, we wrote an entire article about it. It’s not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended!

Do Not Duplicate Content

Copy/paste is good; it’s beautiful, but not for Google. Not at all, even. And like a CM1 teacher, Google heavily punishes sites practicing this technique called duplicate content. Search engines love originality and difference. And creating unique content (both for text and for photos and videos) helps stand out and be seen well by Google.

In addition, always keep in mind that your content is written for both human Internet users and robots. Therefore, there is more interest in using an appropriate lexical field with optimized and logical terms.

These techniques will allow you to have a reference valued by Google. And to make him even happier, we also advise you to get into the habit of writing an alternative text on each of the images you post on your site. Indeed, the reader is currently the only element analyzed by Google robots. That is why it is necessary to define alternative texts (the famous alt tag) to explain to the robots what these images are.

Set Up A Net Linking Strategy

Ahhhh, net linking. What would SEO be without it? Certainly not much. And for a good reason, it is an integral part of functional natural referencing. In 2022, you (also) need others to succeed. Netlinking, that’s it. This is the term used to refer to obtaining backlinks. In other words, links that will refer to other sites, with relevance and added value vis-à-vis your content.

This is all well and good, but how do you manage to recover it, and above all, how do you ensure that these backlinks come from already substantial sites (allowing you to increase your traffic)? It is necessary to make a net linking campaign aiming for long-term results for this no secret. Of course, it takes time, but these actions will strive to bring you new visitors and potential prospects.

In concrete terms, the links on your site must refer to quality external pages with a theme (a trust flow) relating to yours. Backlinks are a weapon of lethal power: when other sites designate you with links, you are a reliable site with interest for readers. You have therefore won everything, and all that remains is to take care of your internal links. 

Reduce The Loading Time Of Your Site

Time is money. And in 2022, it’s impossible (yes, really, it’s not possible) to have too long a loading time for your site. The reason is simple, and you understood it even before we explained it to you: if a page takes too long to load, the user leaves the page. And it goes even further: Google (yes, him again) penalizes sites that are too slow.

A few seconds make all the difference. And if loading is longer than 3 seconds, more than half of Internet users will have already left it. Logically, your bounce rate will soar and cause you to lose positions on search engines. To know the loading speed of your site, you can use PageSpeed ​​.

One of the easiest ways to improve the loading speed of your site is to reduce the weight of the page and, therefore, do some work, especially on the media present on your site. You can also exert influence by limiting the code to text ratio. Finally, don’t forget to make your site and page responsive and adaptable to all media. Today, the sites are first consulted on mobile before being on the computer…

To conclude, if you adopt these five techniques to the letter, you will inevitably see positive results on your SEO for your site. However, don’t be in too much of a hurry: SEO is a process that takes time to be effective.

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