9 SEO Trends 2022

What will be the future of SEO? 9 2022 trends that will help your brand climb the Google SERP

Google answers our questions every day. About 3.5 billion queries are processed and associated with a series of responses that the search engine deems relevant. In this list, the SERP, we find our answers.

At the same time, however, we can be the answer with the products and services offered by our brand.

If in the first case we are pleased to have a choice in the results, in the second, each alternative leads the user to a competitor. The goal becomes, as always, to be the first in the SERP.

In short, even in 2022, we need SEO.

However, to be successful, it is not enough to apply what we already know. We have to consider the new trends and new parameters that Google likes so much.

What Are The 9 SEO 2022 Trends?

Mobile And Responsive Websites

Mobile-first. Do you remember when you first heard it? It was 2018, and this ranking factor has never abandoned us since then.

Today 87% of users use mobile phones to surf the web, and within a few years (the estimate is for 2025), it is expected that 73% of people will access the internet only via mobile devices. 

Even if Google indexing always starts with the desktop version of your site, it is necessary to strengthen the mobile version.

So, to improve your position on the SERP, remember to:

  • have the same core content on both desktop and mobile
  • structure the pages following this main content
  • reduce page load time
  • guarantee simple and functional navigation.

Keywords And Semantic Searches

SEO evolves. The keywords we have been working on for years are no longer enough. Today Google asks for more: semantic search becomes the focus.

There are no more keywords under the magnifying glass; Google checks and analyzes the entire search context of the user. That is, try to understand the general intent of the request.

From an SEO perspective, this translates into the need to provide as much information as possible, beyond the primary and secondary keywords, to help Google understand if our content is relevant to the query.

Here, then, are some ideas:

  • choose keywords to be closer to speech and specific
  • use both blog articles and FAQs to propose your content
  • organizes texts with titles that are as close as possible to the queries.

Conversational And Informal Content

As we have said, for a good ranking, keywords are not enough. According to the perspective followed for years, we continue to work on quality content.

What changes in the setting of the contents, less formal and increasingly oriented toward an informal approach? 

The idea is to get as close as possible to a conversation with users. To do this, you need to know:

  • the people you talk to, or your buyer personas
  • their purchase path, or the customer journey
  • the channels they prefer for the use of content.

These elements help you identify the interests, curiosities, and even your audience’s problems, providing exciting ideas for your content. Please do not neglect the possibility of a better understanding of when to intercept them to propose precisely what they need.

In practice, we could talk about a return to the FAQ. With practical video pills, this type of content will be the undisputed protagonist of 2022.

Curated And Captivating Images

They are beautiful, captivating, and suggestive. The images do not respond only to an aesthetic need but are a tool for communicating with the public. They help you tell the products, their characteristics, and quality in just a few seconds. 

Over time, more and more people rely on images when they need to find a specific product. Just think that 10% of the traffic comes from searching for ideas on Google.

Procedures such as scanning objects from Google Lens are now commonplace. Users love this approach because they can both know all the characteristics of the product in question and immediately access the purchase page.

So take the necessary care with your images and think about SEO without forgetting alt text and keywords.

Focus On Video Marketing

A video strategy can no longer be missing from your editorial plan. Over the years, we have experienced this: people are increasingly tied to video content. The shorter and more practical they are, the better.

If you have stalled until today, you can no longer do without it. I think you find over a billion users on YouTube alone.

The trend is therefore confirmed also for 2022. The videos will help you improve your positioning in the SERP and the eyes of the public, showing your usefulness and authority.

Again, pay attention to the keywords you choose for your videos. Optimize your channel through name, description, and helpful information. These are all elements that will help you be featured in the video section of Google search.

Artificial intelligence

The online research will be increasingly efficient and help us have a quality experience. Such as? Thanks to artificial intelligence.

In 2022, search engines will use this tool even more, and for us, there is a double benefit:

  1. Examine an ever-increasing amount of data. An exponential increase in interactions between users and the web is expected to be impossible to manage without technological support. In this way, it will be possible to get to know the public more and more deeply.
  2. Act in real-time. You will be able to intercept the user with your proposal just when he is looking for you so that you can propose your services in real-time.

Voice Searches On The Rise

We’ve come a long way since the introduction of voice search. And the process is not going to stop.

For 2022 it is expected:

  • 55% of families will have a smart speaker
  • 35x increase in voice search frequency compared to 2016
  • 58% of people will routinely use voice search.

In short, voice search promises to become the primary tool for finding information, products, and services.

Keeping up with it also means working on SEO. In particular, it will be necessary:

  • use more long sentences 
  • prefer a vocabulary close to spoken language
  • know the most frequent queries in each sector
  • ensure the loading speed is included in the voice search results
  • take care of backlinks and site mapping to facilitate a response to voice search.

High-Level User Experience

The shopping experience almost always begins when you look for the product or service. We search for what we need, find websites, and start browsing. If something goes wrong at this stage, let’s move on to the following site.

Result: if our online experience is unsatisfactory, we are ready to switch to another brand.

It also applies to your audience. You need to ensure an optimal user experience right from the first contact with your brand. 

In addition to the direct impact on people, Google will also take into account the user experience on your pages by controlling elements such as:

  • the loading time of your page
  • redirects present
  • page length
  • button placement
  • how to view dynamic content
  • presence of pop-ups
  • valid HTTPS certificate.

The verification of these factors applies to both the desktop and mobile versions. So make sure your site is uncluttered and intuitive to provide the best browsing experience possible.

Pay Per Click (PPC) And Google Ads

What does PPC have to do with SEO and organic positioning? The time in which one path was chosen over the other has passed. It is well established that the two approaches must work in synergy.

Sharing objectives, data, and results between the two parties are necessary to plan actions effectively. But also to give targeted responses to the public at every stage of the customer journey.

SEO must also support PPC campaigns, providing helpful information about the people’s habits, preferences, and choices you want to target.

A real help to finalize all your efforts, even financial ones.

SEO, in 2022, continues to be a work that is as meticulous as it is precious. Taking into account trends and best practices guides the success of your projects. Along with marketing and advertising, SEO completes your strategy to get your business high on Google.

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