Data Science In Agriculture: How We Can Produce More Harvest

Data science and big data are increasingly finding their way into agriculture to create economic and ecological production conditions adapted to the market. Digital networking is therefore playing an increasingly important role. According to the German Farmers’ Association, “Agriculture 4.0” has arrived in every fifth farm. This means the use of Industry 4.0 applications such […]

iPhone SE 2022: The Third Edition Will Probably Get An A15 Processor

Apple wants to upgrade its low-cost model iPhone SE properly. However, some features are reserved for regular models. After the first rumors from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple is planning a new edition of the entry-level smartphone, there is further information. Accordingly, Apple is sticking to the SE concept of “old housing, new technology” […]

Digitization: Not Everyone Needs An Intelligent Factory!

Anyone who researches studies on the topic of digitization in medium-sized companies will find a multitude of different findings: From “German medium-sized companies are digital pioneers” to “The digitization deficit of German medium-sized companies is growing,” everything is included. This is not surprising. After all, there are different degrees of digital maturity of companies – […]

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