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A Successful Online Presence – It’s That Easy!

Starting your own company sounds like a dream to many people at first. You are your boss, working for what is close to your heart. Some even work when and where they want, which is entirely flexible. The number of founders, which continues to rise, shows that this is no longer so unrealistic these days. Many business ideas require neither a particular school diploma nor start-up capital. But what is needed for every company these days is an online presence. You don’t have to be an expert for that either. Here we show you how to have a successful online presence.

Build A Neat Website

Of course, your online presence stands and falls with the website. Fortunately, the days when you had to master complicated codes and programming languages ​​​​to create an appealing website are over. Thanks to website building blocks, almost anyone who reads up on the subject can now create a website. Probably the most well-known contact point for creating an online presence is WordPress. But it is not only necessary to create an attractive, clear, and good website. A functioning WordPress hosting is also essential. This can run through a third party and ensures that the website loads quickly and reliably and works appropriately.

In the best case, well-trained technicians offer support, and the hosting works with green electricity. Once the hosting has been clarified and you have decided on a modular system, you should deal intensively with the website’s structure. The user must find his way around quickly. The content should not overwhelm the visitor but provide enough information to know what is on offer and what it is about. Confusing and slow websites deter potential customers and are even more detrimental to business.

Be Visible In Search Engines

However, a perfectly functional and well-structured website is of little use to a founder if nobody can find it. Therefore, it is vital to do search engine marketing. In this context, the terms SEO and SEA are often used. While SEA is search engine advertising, i.e., paid advertisements, SEO aims at organic search results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that you don’t buy your place in the Google search results but get there through targeted measures.

A few things have to be taken into account. The technical details of the website are almost as important as the content that is on it. The texts should be easy to read but still contain the necessary keywords. Of course, both SEO and SEA go even more profound and require a certain amount of know-how, which you can either acquire yourself or leave to a professional.

Gain An Excellent Online Reputation

As in real life, one thing that is particularly important for business is on the internet: a good reputation. There are countless online portals where customers and interested parties can express their opinions. It is therefore always good to ask satisfied customers to do the same. However, if a bad review ends up in one of these portals, this can also be an opportunity.

Here it is essential to react professionally. Criticism should be addressed, but justifications are usually not very well received. The entrepreneur should accept the complaint and offer compensation depending on the case. A voucher could persuade the critical customer to return and thus give you a second chance. Therefore, online reputation is an essential point within a successful online presence.

The Enormous World Of Social Media

Last but not least, social networks also play a significant role if you want to be successful online. It is essential to find out where your target group hangs out. Private individuals are more likely to be found on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, while it is better to interact with business partners via LinkedIn or Xing. Of course, there is also an overlap here. Therefore, as part of their social media strategy, every founder should find out which social networks they should invest their energy and resources in.

Consistent language is also essential for a successful online presence. Interested parties should always feel addressed in the same way both on the website and in the area of ​​​​social media. This is how you ensure a recognition value.

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