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Also, Integrate Fleet Management Into The Company Software

You probably know this from your daily work: For every area of ​​responsibility, eg

Sales, the company website or even fleet management, there are other applications that ultimately all work side by side, but often no integration into the existing company software is available.

You may have to manually transfer the data from one application to the company software, which is time-consuming or write an interface yourself.

Let’s take fleet management as an example: A lot of the accumulating data should appear in the overall presentation of the company’s key figures. Unfortunately, it is an entirely autonomous system, and a connection is difficult. Decisions are delayed or cannot be made in the overall context.

Suitable Software For Fleet Management Can Be Integrated

There are providers like Webfleet Solutions that ensure just that. This leads to intelligent working methods, improved collaboration and significantly improved decision templates for company management.

By integrating fleet management into the company software, you expand your database with fundamental values ​​​​such as order data, working hours, position data, fuel costs and suggestions for optimizing the fleet. Let’s look at these areas in detail:

Order Data

Your marketing and sales department automatically receives information about current orders. What is the current delivery status? Which customers will be approached shortly? How long was the stay with each customer? And much more. The sales department is always up to date and can react better to inquiries at short notice.

Working Hours

The HR department receives the data on working hours directly from the fleet management system. Since many employees (e.g. long-distance truck drivers) are constantly on the move, an updated timesheet is available, and the monthly payslip can be created on time. Records of the legal driving and break times can also be automatically stored in the personnel file.

Position Data

Knowing each vehicle’s position is crucial not only for the fleet manager but also for sales and scheduling. A short-term customer request can be processed much more efficiently because you know which driver or which vehicle is currently closest to the customer.

Fuel Costs

The management receives all costs of the vehicles in real-time on the dashboard. This makes decisions much faster and more accurate. Trends can be recognized, and countermeasures can be taken quickly in the event of deviations.

Flexibility Is Important

But flexibility is also required when integrating other apps and applications into the fleet management system. How can the driver scan the parcel identifiers? How can existing workflow systems be integrated into fleet management? How can you communicate efficiently with the drivers?

Fluid cooperation between all departments and processes is only possible if all relevant apps can be integrated into fleet management. However, data maintenance and transfer become extremely difficult and time-consuming if these applications are stand-alone.


Well-founded long-term and short-term decisions are only possible if fleet management can also be integrated into the company software as part of comprehensive Webfleet Solutions. The transfer of all important key figures and detailed data such as working hours and fuel consumption makes work easier and enables sustainable cooperation between all departments.

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