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BMW i4 Is Coming In November: This Is In Both Versions

The rear-wheel-drive promises a long-range, while the M version of the BMW i4 has more power. The engine works have now revealed the details of the electric coupé sedan.

After the iX electric SUV, BMW is now presenting the i4 compact sedan to the global public. The electrical equivalent of the 3 Series will be launched in November in two basic configurations. They are called i4 E-Drive 40 and i4 M50. 

While the basic version drives a 250-kilowatt rear-wheel drive (340 hp), the sportier brother can fall back on two engines. They put 400 kilowatts of total output (544 hp) on the road. The Manufacturer specifies the torque of the E-Drive 40 as 430 Newton meters; it accelerates the two-ton sedan to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.7 seconds. 

The M50 has 795 Newton meters and 2.9 seconds in the datasheet. The weaker i4 variant is allowed to drive 190 kilometers per hour at its peak, while the sports version allows BMW to drive 225 kilometers per hour. The basic understanding of the i4 E-Drive 40 costs 58,300 euros; the M50 starts at 69,900 euros.

i4 E-Drive 40: 590 Kilometers Range

BMW markets the E-Drive 40 as a ranged champion. According to the WLTP, the 80.7- kilowatt-hour battery should bring the Grand Coupé 590 kilometers. This information has not yet been officially confirmed. The memory can nominally be charged with 200 kilowatts; the graphic even shows 210 kilowatts. This means that the i4 charges faster than the iX, which can manage a maximum of 195 kilowatts. 

The charging power decreases with the duration of the charge so that it takes 31 minutes in the end for the ten percent charged battery to reach 80 percent capacity. This corresponds to an average output of 110 kilowatts. Converted to kilometers, the E-Drive 40 can drive 164 kilometers after ten minutes at the column; the M50 can cover 140 kilometers. 

BMW specifies the consumption for the standard model at 16 to 20 kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometers; the M50 has 19 to 24. The battery is produced with 100 percent green electricity and does not contain any rare piles of the earth; he writes the Manufacturer on its website.

More Car Than The 3 Series BMW

The i4 is more significant than its gasoline-powered brother in many respects. It is eight centimeters longer and four centimeters wider. As expected, the battery hits the curb weight: 1,840 kilograms are in the table of the BMW 320e, while the i4 E-Drive weighs 2,125 kilograms. The M50 weighs even more at 2,290 kilograms.

The engineers have come up with several ideas to prevent dynamic losses due to the weight. The slip limitation close to the actuator is standard and is the first to be fitted in an all-wheel-drive in the M50. In addition, the 53 millimeters lower center of gravity helps with lateral dynamics compared to the conventional 3 Series.

The i4 has also increased in terms of transport capacity: In contrast to the 3 Series (375 liters), the i4 has 470 liters of luggage space, which can be expanded to 1,290 liters. A maximum trailer load of 1,600 kilograms and a roof load of 75 kilograms offer enough options for loading the i4. You can load the interior with a maximum of 555 kilograms.

Heat Pump And 40 Assistance Systems

An integrated heating and cooling system, including a heat pump, should also save electricity thanks to the sensor-based heat management and create optimal conditions for charging. It is standard in both models. This applies to the two screens in the dashboard: BMW has merged a 12.3-inch and 14.9-inch display into one large curved unit. Most of the mechanical switches fell away. The air conditioning system has recently been operated using the touchscreen.

For a surcharge, the Manufacturer offers headlights with laser light and up to 40 assistance systems. This includes active cruise control, including traffic light detection and steering and lane guidance assistants. As standard, the i4 offers a reversing camera, front collision warning, an electrically closing and opening tailgate, auxiliary heating, and sports seats. The 3-zone automatic air conditioning is also installed as standard.

Because of the announcement by BMW, interested parties can expect a long list of extras that the vehicles can be equipped with. In addition to various leather upholstery and sports packages, this also includes a sliding glass roof.

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