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Main Features Of Marketing Cloud For Medium And Large Companies?

Marketing Cloud helps companies of all sizes. After all, personalizing experiences is helpful for businesses of any size. Small companies still update a simple CRM with the contacts made and personalize the service and win the customers’ trust with some attention and time.

However, this becomes impossible when we go to a massive amount of customers and data, as in medium-sized or large companies. It is in this context that marketing automation becomes essential to the strategy.

See 5 Marketing Cloud features that will help you in this work.

Audience Studio: Get To Know Your Customer Like Never Before

Data unification — which Marketing Cloud offers alongside Audience Studio — lets you know the details of each customer segmentation. This tool allows bringing data from any source into a single management platform.

This way, you will have an overview of customer behavior and understand what works and can be improved in your process and approach, optimizing the customer experience. When working with “guessing”, there is a limited view of who is the audience that buys and how it behaves.

Journey Builder: Customize Your Customer’s Journey

This functionality will help use the collected data to improve how the public approaches. You can test specific content guidelines in email marketing and analyze when the customer usually responds, understand which stage of the buying journey they are in and give them a “little push” to close the deal.

In other words, ignoring that experience means lasting relationships and recurring purchases are no longer possible.

Email Studio And Mobile Studio: Reach Your Customer In Different Ways

Email communication is not a novelty, but those who think this technique no longer worked in 2021 are wrong. Rock Content released a Marketing survey showing that 72% of consumers choose email as the channel to receive company newsletters and promotions.

In fact, in this post, you’ll find another 120 statistics that show how email marketing hasn’t died — quite the opposite! In addition to Email Studio, Marketing Cloud has Mobile Studio, which generates push notifications on your customer’s phones and calls via chat or SMS. So, there’s no way not to receive your promotion!

Interaction Studio: Interact With Your Audience In Real-Time

With this tool, you monitor in real-time and create valuable experiences at the right time for each customer. We’ve talked a lot in this article about personalized service, and Interaction Studio does it like no other would.

So much so that a few clicks will be enough for you to send information that will make the customer decide immediately. And this undoubtedly creates favorable points in the relationship.

Advertising Studio: Re-Engage Your Customer And Develop A Long-Term Relationship

This tool allows you to customize your advertising and take specific actions to seek out old customers and make them re-engage with your company.

For example, if you sell coffee capsules that are usually used in 3 months, with CRM data, you can collect information from those customers who bought from you in that period and then target ads to that audience.

It would be a useless, exhausting, unproductive and frustrating attempt. Given this, it has to be said: marketing automation is essential. Within this universe, Marketing Cloud is a complete tool whose features add immense value to your customer experience.

With Salesforce, you’ll have control of your company in your hands and the ability to make decisions with greater objectivity and clarity. All you need to do to make your customer believe they are unique is to understand their preferences and adapt your approach so that the interaction makes sense to them.

How to do this without data? It’s impossible. That’s where the immeasurable value of a tool as complete as Marketing Cloud comes from.

A CRM in a medium-sized or large company is important in automating sales and tracking metrics, building powerful journeys and developing efficient strategies.

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