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Google, How To Personalize Advertisements

You can customize the ads to receive through the Google settings by choosing to display only interesting advertising messages.

Online advertising has become increasingly targeted and personalized. Users receive highly relevant messages in line with their interests and needs or based on the searches they have carried out.

This happens because search engines and the various platforms people access collect precise and constant data and information, allowing companies to develop high-performance advertisements and send them to a specific audience. With Google, you can control and customize the ads shown by accessing the Google ad settings.

Google Personalized Ads, What They Are

  • Personalized advertising is a powerful tool that digital marketing experts use to allow companies, organizations, and large, small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve important business objectives, maximize sales and increase brand awareness.
  • Using personalized ads allows investors to optimize ROI and the return on investment since the ads are viewed by an audience potentially interested in the brand or its services and products. 
  • It is the same search engine that, through artificial intelligence and algorithms, tries to understand each user’s interests. It deduces it from its activity on the web: it monitors the sites visited, the actions performed, the searches performed, the applications used or the various interactions. 
  • Based on the online activity and the information manually entered during registration, Google can understand and infer demographic data, such as the user’s age and gender, the languages ​​spoken, the most popular platforms, the places visited and what catches his attention.
  • This is an essential advantage for advertisers since they can direct messages to a target as specifically as possible, known in detail. This leads to a reduction in costs and an optimization of investments.
  • Personalized ads allow you to obtain qualified contacts; transforming leads into customers will be easier.
  • It is always possible for the user to control what is shown to him through the Google ad settings; he can decide to disable them or make them even more specific. To do this, you must intervene in your Google account’s ‘Personalization of ads’ area.

Personalize Ads: How To Do It On Google

  • To personalize ads on Google, access your Google account by clicking on ‘Login’ at the top right and log in with your e-mail address or telephone number and the password chosen during registration.
  • Subsequently, on the Google homepage, click on the profile icon at the top right of the screen, select the item ‘Manage your Google Account, and then access the ‘Privacy and personalization’ section by clicking on ‘Manage your data and your Privacy. Here you can choose the data saved in the account; the ads are shown, the information shared with third parties, and more.
  • Click ‘Ad Setup’ and enable Ad Personalization if disabled. In the ‘Ads personalization mode’ area, select the personal information or interests you want to edit or remove. To change the former, click ‘Refresh’. To remove the latter, click ‘Disable’.
  • The preferences indicated will be valid and activated on all devices on which the Google account will be used. Your choices can be changed whenever appropriate by accessing the Google adset again.

Personalize Ads: How To Do It On Google

Personalized ads can be deactivated by the user who wants to receive general ones and not based on his interests. To do this, you must log in to your Google account and access the settings from the search engine home page by clicking on ‘Manage your Google Account.

You enter the Privacy and personalization area by clicking on ‘Manage your data and Privacy. Select ‘Ad settings’ and move the toggle next to the phrase ‘Ad customization ON’ to disable personalized ads. 

To continue, you must confirm your wish to disable personalized ads by clicking on ‘Disable’. If you still want to see relevant messages, click ‘Keep Active’.

Even if you disable personalized ads, the ads and advertising campaigns of the companies will continue to be displayed. Still, you will no longer be able to set preferences on what concerns advertisers or ads.

Google will not save any choices you make regarding the ads you see. The ads you see will be based on factors that aren’t about interests but may involve the topic of content you’ve accessed, the time of day you’re browsing the web or your general location.

It will be possible to return to viewing personalized ads on personal interests at any time by accessing the Google ad settings and, in the ‘Privacy and personalization’ section, reactivating it and providing the search engine with the possibility of also using data from the use of other services Google (application and websites).

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