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Learn How To Use Twitter Analytics To Stand Out On The Social Network

Twitter Analytics is your main ally in unlocking the secrets of one of the most informal social networks on the web. So, time is money; now, learn EVERYTHING you need about Twitter Analytics to maximize the power of your investment!

Whatever the Digital Marketing channel, you need to analyze performance to constantly understand the strategy’s results to be successful in your actions.

Especially when we talk about social networks, which change all the time due to the intense use of their users.

What Is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics is nothing more than a free tool made available by the social network itself to analyze results and see if the investment is paying off.

On this page, you will find the most diverse indicators regarding your publications and interactions with the platform users.

Therefore, with data about your company’s activities and followers, you can have ideas to help you better target your strategies.

That’s because, with Twitter Analytics, you get to know your audience better and understand what works and what doesn’t to take full advantage of the benefits of this social network.

Speaking of benefits, that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in the following topic! Come on?

Understand Why You Should Measure Results Through Twitter Analytics

As we mentioned in the previous topic, This helps you get to know your audience better and develop more robust strategies based on this information.

That’s because, with Twitter Analytics, you can understand what type of content your followers like the most and the time they most interact with your profile.

With this, it is possible to develop more decisive actions that add to the user experience of this social network and gain visibility on the platform.

In addition, with Twitter Analytics, you can monitor the performance of your ads in real-time to optimize your strategy and get the most out of your investment.

Well, now that we’ve explained all the benefits of Twitter Analytics, you might be curious to know how to use Twitter Analytics.

Therefore, we will show you which metrics it analyzes to help you in the following topics!

Discover The Metrics Evaluated By Twitter Analytics

Like any other performance analysis platform, Twitter Analytics does its job using several indicators.

And since these numbers give you an idea of ​​the results of your actions, the first step in using Twitter Analytics is to understand them and define which ones are the most relevant for your analysis.

To do so, you first need to know the leading performance indicators of the platform. They are pretty easy to understand and can be divided into two types:

Home Page Metrics :

  • Tweets: total publications made by your profile on the network;
  • Impressions: how many times users saw your tweets;
  • Visits: how many users viewed your profile in a given period;
  • Followers: total number of followers and how many started to follow your profile in a given period;
  • Mentions: number of times another mentioned your profile on the social network;
  • Featured tweet: the twitter with the highest number of impressions in a given period;
  • Highlight Follower: Your follower that has the most followers (this metric is ideal for finding potential influencers and partners for your business);
  • Featured Mention: The mention that had the most impressions on the social network.

Metrics Per Tweet :

  • Impressions: number of impressions per tweet;
  • Engagement: Total number of tweet interactions, which includes post clicks, mentions, retweets, favorites, and followers;
  • Engagement rate: total engagements divided by the number of impressions;
  • Link Clicks: Number of clicks on a shared link in a tweet;
  • Retweets: total share of a tweet;
  • Favorites: Total number of times users favorited a tweet.

With this data in hand, it is possible to understand the performance of your company’s profile on the social network and create actions with assertive strategic objectives.

Already Know How To Use Twitter Analytics? So Get To Work!

In this content, you got to know Twitter Analytics, Twitter’s performance analysis platform.

With it, it is possible to understand how your actions are going within the social network and optimize the use of your investment.

That’s why we show you here the leading performance indicators so you can focus on what matters to your digital marketing strategy.

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