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Qualified Leads: AI Attracts Who You Need

Have you ever heard of ‘poster’? This is the name given to people who post everything on the Internet in a rush to attract qualified leads. They do it anyway, anytime and anywhere. 

As a result, it is difficult for the ‘poster’ to arouse people’s interest because it needs more planning and focus. And, when you’re lucky, you attract people whose profile doesn’t have the necessary characteristics to become your customers.

Undoubtedly, the same energy, time, and money invested in this could be directed towards a strategy more focused on the customer profile that is intended to be reached. 

However, this requires refined technique and adequate digital tools.

The most innovative strategy for this purpose is AI, that is, Artificial Intelligence applied to Digital Marketing.

In this article, you will learn that it is possible to save time and money by attracting exclusively the right person to buy with you. But first, let’s better understand what’s behind this new revolutionary technology. 

What Is A Qualified Lead?

It is no longer a mystery to most entrepreneurs that the Lead is the potential Customer captured by Digital Marketing campaigns.

And this happens when your website visitor fills out the form. He leaves some kind of contact, such as email and phone, showing interest. This means that Qualified Leads have the necessary qualities to become good customers for you. 

And if he has these qualities, it means he is ready to be approached by your sales team. This greatly increases the chances of business success. 

Oops! Does this mean we have a better chance of increasing sales? YES.

Once the Lead arrives and the Content Production team – we’ll talk about these people later – develops a series of activities aimed at ‘measuring their temperature.’ If it is not yet at the point, the actions seek to warm up your interest in buying.

In this way, Marketing delivers only the consumers most likely to close the purchase to the Sales team. Who doesn’t want that?

Likewise, this is not an easy task. The public available on the Internet is immense, and tracking the Purchase Journey of each Lead in pen would take years. Which also increases the chance of error. It is a humanly impossible and technologically outdated task. 

This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in.

Qualifying Leads With Artificial Intelligence

The first benefit that Artificial Intelligence delivers for Digital Marketing is the automation of tasks. Everything is done ultra-fast and in large numbers, with a minimal margin of error.

Not to mention that, with automation, people gain more time to dedicate themselves to creative activities and process improvements, which can make the business better structured and profitable. 

This is also an objective contribution of Marketing to increase the company’s revenue.

In this sense, the purpose of Artificial Intelligence applied to Digital Marketing is the quick and accurate measurement in generating more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). 

This method contributes to constructing a good Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This is done by classifying and measuring lists of customers and prospects using relevant data available on the Internet. 

As conversions occur, the information is updated, optimizing the data analysis process, which leads to the prognosis of possible new sales. 

Thus, this helps the Pre-Sales and Sales Team by saving time, allowing them to prioritize Qualified Leads. And as a consequence, direct efforts to people or groups of people with better-focused strategies. 

Sell ​​More Those Who Have Qualified Leads

Remember the ‘poster’? Did you see why it represents a loss for your company? It makes you waste time and money with consumers who need the right profile for your business or who are out of the moment of purchase.

Those who have Qualified Leads to sell more. That’s because the sales process is optimized, producing more results in a shorter period. 

But this is only possible if the appropriate Digital Marketing strategies are used, with the necessary support of Artificial Intelligence. 

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