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What Cyber Security Will Look Like In The Future

Cyber security tools based on artificial intelligence are no longer a dream of the future. This runs within a Security Operations Center (SOC) together by their cutting-edge alignment and for prepared novel attacks. The innovative solutions provide essential support for SOC analysts: hold n represents and paves Cyber – Security – future technologies the way.   

In companies, AI-based solutions have already become established in many areas, the support of which has long been indispensable. AI-based solutions have also become essential in the field of cyber security. It is important, above all, to protect and defend oneself from large-scale cyber attacks that have been planned well in advance. A Security Operations Center (SOC) offers comprehensive protection strategies and concepts.

It combines all cyber security services and uses artificial intelligence with the underlying technologies such as machine learning and its deep learning capabilities. Thanks to the competence of the programs to continuously develop and learn new things, it essentially supports the analysts in their daily work. A specialist usually creates a SOC: cared for inside. With their expertise in combination with state-of-the-art security technologies, they guarantee a company’s future viability in terms of cybersecurity.

No Chance For Criminals – With These AI-Based Tools

Today there is no way for companies to avoid hacking attacks with a security operations center. The expertise and know-how of cyber security specialists are supplemented by Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and other AI tools. Various software solutions based on artificial intelligence function as analysis tools within the SIEM. These observe the behavior of users or devices in the network and react to anomalies that they have found. These tools include the module for User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Endpoint, and Network Detection (EDR and NDR).

Identify Anomalies With UEBA

Cyber ​​attacks today are usually set up in a complex manner over many weeks and months. However, the SIEM itself specializes in immediately recognizing and reporting interventions in the security system in real-time. To guarantee long-term protection over a longer period, the UEBA module supports and comprehensively supplements the SIEM. Thanks to an innovative risk assessment process and state-of-the-art algorithms, it is based on rules that attackers can hardly avoid. The module enables deviations and discrepancies in the IT infrastructure and among users to be uncovered. In addition, UEBA compares the behavior of users with that of a similar peer group to obtain even more information on the behavior of users and machines. With this collected knowledge, machine learning can set up a model that can help defend against future attacks.

Comprehensive Analyzes With EDR And NDR

SIEM also includes functions to uncover anomalies within log data and data flows in applications. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play again. Systems for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) automatically search for dangers and leaks at endpoints. EDR collects and saves the behavior of the end devices and the associated users. This information is compiled in a database and can also be used for forensic analyzes if necessary. EDR then checks this data for evidence of malware. In addition, the system can use behavior analysis to identify attempted attacks or other atypical or prohibited activities and react in good time with automated countermeasures.

Systems optimally supplement the EDR with Network Detection and Response (NDR), which identifies and records network traffic deviations. Intruders are tracked down as soon as they communicate within the network, and reactions to potentially harmful activities in the network can be initiated automatically.

Together with UEBA, the use of EDR and NDR optimizes the SIEM and guarantees full all-around protection. Nowadays, the entire analysis and defense can be exhausted in the best possible way.

Increased Security Through Neural Networks

Another important factor in the context of SIEM is products such as QRadar from IBM. An AI like IBM Watson Advisor can include and evaluate external information outside the company. The AI ​​supports SOC analysts in threat hunting in collecting additional data on different attack paths. This collaboration between humans and AI can also reveal attempted attacks that have not yet been identified as potential threats within their own system.

Artificial Intelligence In The IT Landscape Of The Future

Even the most competent experts reach their limits without the help of AI-based tools, given the increasingly complex IT infrastructures and the associated numerous attack possibilities. Even criminals themselves are using increasingly innovative instruments and extensive algorithms, so that conventional security software is no longer sufficient. Intelligent solutions are needed: They support cyber security specialists in recognizing potential dangers, adequately assessing threat situations, and ultimately responding to them, and acting in the best possible way. The AI ​​solutions help immensely, especially with recurring tasks that are part of the routine. By using artificial intelligence, the programs enable more free capacities for IT staff: inside and guarantee a higher level of security.

For IT decision-makers, it is therefore absolutely recommended to consider both a security operations center and the associated AI tools in the company’s internal cyber security strategy. It is time-consuming to have your in-house solution – not least because 24/7 support is necessary to guarantee cybersecurity around the clock. This is where specialized service providers come into play: With services such as SOC-as-a-Service, companies can save internal resources and use them for other purposes. At the same time, external cyber security experts guarantee that they are always up to date with the latest technology to react to new types of cyberattacks.

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