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What Is SAP, And What Is The Software Used For?

Many job seekers repeatedly come across the formulation that SAP knowledge is desired or required in job advertisements. In day-to-day business, most employees have probably heard of SAP. But what is actually behind this abbreviation, and what advantages does the software offer? The following post explains.

What Is SAP Anyway?

SAP is the abbreviation for systems, applications and products. It is a software that is used in the field of data processing. They ensure that the flow of information in a company functions smoothly. The SAP program was developed to offer a company-wide database for different applications, which can be used jointly by the employees of the various departments. These other applications include, for example, the areas of finance, personnel management, customer and supply chain management and control.

In the past, companies were forced to enter their data manually, which was highly inefficient, or they developed their own IT system. However, this was again very expensive. In addition, there was often no compatibility between the individual database systems in the respective areas.

These difficulties were eliminated by SAP. The software program is a standardized application that offers various functions. It is available in other modules that can be chosen depending on the company’s individual needs.

Large companies mainly use the software, which is also offered in unique product versions for media companies, retail, banks and industry. There is also a wide range of SAP training providers so that all employees within a company can always use the program safely and efficiently.

SAP – What Is Behind It?

The name of the company that produces the software is also SAP. It is a company from Germany, whose headquarters are in Walldorf in Baden-Württemberg. The company was founded in 1972 by five former employees of the well-known IBM group.

It is now one of the largest software manufacturers in the world. Around 70,000 employees work there, generating more than 16 billion euros annual turnover. In many professions, knowledge of the SAP program is part of the knowledge that is a standard requirement, for example, for business economists, economists or computer scientists.

This usually pays off for those who have in-depth knowledge of the software. They have a perfect chance of finding a job quickly on the job market. In addition, the salary of SAP specialists is above average. According to estimates, the annual wage of SAP consultants is around 60,000 euros.

SAP Offers These Advantages For Companies

For companies, the use of SAP has the advantage, among other things, that qualified customer service and individual care are available at all times. The German manufacturer SAP rigorously follows the credo that the customer is king. Customer service can be reached both via a hotline and via a chat. Every company that uses the program also receives personal access to a service employee or telephone number, which can be dialed in an emergency. This also applies to public holidays and weekends.

The big difference between SAP and other IT companies is that almost 100 percent of the customers are companies. Therefore, SAP is a true expert in business customer support. Individual support starts with the first contact and extends over the entire business relationship. The company’s high rate of existing customers speaks for itself.

Another advantage for companies that use SAP is that there is the opportunity to participate in numerous further education, training courses and seminars. Depending on customer status, these are even offered free of charge. These available training measures allow companies to optimally implement the software provided by SAP in their business structures. They contribute to self-help and ensure that large corporations, in particular, can record considerable cost savings.

In addition, companies benefit from the extraordinarily high degree of individuality that SAP not only offers in terms of business customer support but also in terms of the packages. This makes it possible for companies of all sizes to benefit significantly from the use of the software application. The applications can be selected and put together very flexibly. This also makes the cost calculation accessible since the respective managers can plan and work optimally with their budgets.

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