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WhatsApp Business: 9 Tricks To Explore In Companies

The birth of WhatsApp Business explains why traditional communication formulas have become obsolete in our society and, later, in the business world. As with chatting with friends or family, codes have changed to the point where over 98% of mobile app users use WhatsApp. We even replaced voice calls with text messages, and the paradox is that before calling someone, we first ask through that platform if we can do it.

A more aseptic communication that somehow allows freelancers and companies to provide and receive information instantly. As with emails, it avoids endless calls with customers and suppliers in which a lot of data is lost by not being recorded. For this reason, WhatsApp decided to bet on a line exclusively for business through this application that allows quick responses to any situation and, thus, becomes a tool for the necessary steps to carry out a trade.

From the beta version, which was tested last year, WhatsApp Business emerged which is up and running. But what are the advantages of using it on a professional level? Below, we offer nine tricks to explore this service in your company and the principal utilities it can offer.

Tips For WhatsApp To Help The Business Grow

Schedule Of Professional Contacts

The main novelty is that the application will work as a professional diary with which to establish the profile of contacts – and an audience of your own company – without having to resort to the typical type of writing a name in the phone book and putting the respective company, in the last name field. From now on, contacts can be organized and categorized according to the organization they belong to, and personalized profiles with essential information such as email address, postal address, or web page, to have as much information available to everyone at the moment.

Message Categorization

In the same vein, WhatsApp Business offers an innovative message categorization system and any communication that allows the company to easily archive and locate messages through personalized labels for new customers, new suppliers, payments, pending payments, completed orders… Everything is considered necessary to improve processes and quickly search the platform for any pending management.

One-Click Answers

Another incredible novelty is the acceleration of communication in the chats with the contacts. Being in traffic listening to the annoying sound of incoming messages or being in a meeting with your cell phone vibrating every 2 minutes will no longer happen. With WhatsApp Business, you can reply with a single click at any time, so quick replies will be a beneficial solution to confirm receipt of a message or to briefly explain that it will not be available until a specific time.
All this with the possibility to pre-configure the answers you want to offer, including welcome, greeting, or absence messages, a whole series of phrases to quickly answer the most frequently asked questions and not waste too much time typing on the touch keyboard or explaining more than necessary, which allows dealing with other situations at the same time.

Statistics System

In any case, it is not just a matter of facilitating communication with contacts but of having a series of statistics that can improve processes with other customers or suppliers. Thus, data referring to messages sent, delivered, or read successfully can be consulted through a system of graphs and percentages that make all the information obtained more understandable.

Web Sync

On the other hand, as with the standard application, WhatsApp Business allows synchronization with the WhatsApp web service to work on the computer. Another advantage is that it adapts the mobility of the smartphone platform to an office environment. An ideal resource for those who need to work on their relationships with customers or suppliers from the office and who can chat, inform or even call from the web platform.

Use It As An Information Channel

In addition, there are various formulas for using WhatsApp Business, depending on a company’s needs and guidelines. For example, the service allows the creation of transmission channels that will enable direct communication with users – not just with customers or suppliers – which translates into the best way to keep them informed. And there are already companies, such as KML, that issue alerts and notifications through the platform, while others choose to use it as a customer service channel.

Use It As A Social Advertising Channel

In the same vein, the possibility of creating mass broadcast channels allows the company not only to use the platform to inform or communicate with its users but also to act as a social channel to advertise itself, as well as make offers and promotions. To your audience, spread content or publish services in the style of Facebook or Twitter. In this sense, it is essential to have a complete profile as a company in which all possible contact information is provided.

System Of Confirmed Accounts

On the other hand, WhatsApp plans to implement a confirmed account system, as with Twitter. It’s not so much about getting followers as it is about verifying that the information is correct. Something similar to the service Google offers when looking for a company on the net. In any case, this system will allow users to know at all times that the interlocutor is the company with whom they intend to establish contact rather than someone who has usurped their identity.

Full Connectivity

In conclusion, WhatsApp Business is a comprehensive solution for the different needs of a company, from organizing contacts to using it as a communication channel with suppliers, customers, and users, through the categorization of conversations that are maintained, the statistics system mentioned for detailed information or the possibility of making the company an icon in a social environment.

But none of this would be possible without the possibility of having this platform 24 hours a day. Thus, WhatsApp has thought of practically every detail to have full connectivity. 

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