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In this post”How Can I Stop Spam” I’ll going to discuss the various ways of stopping  unwanted smses,calls which are the major concern  of everyone.Also we go through the problem of facebook and twitter spams.



How Can I Stop Spam:

Stop Spam SMSes & Calls:


  • Unsolicited calls from telemarketers are almost always more irritating then useful.These are called spam. To their credit, the governments leading Telecom Authority TRAI(Telecom Regularity Authority of India) has enforced telecom providers in the country of setup and maintain a DO NOT DISTURB registry officially known as national do not call registry.


  • For stop sapm calls & sms You can add your number to that list by simply texting START to 1909 to block all type of telemarketing calls.But if you want to allow calls from certain area of interest, TRAI allows you to apply a customer calling block by sending a text message “START X” to 1909,where X is any one of the following option represented by their number Banking/ Insurance/Financial Products/Credit cards -1,entertainmaint/IT-6,Tourrrism-7.

Additionally,  if you’re using Android smartphone, for stop spam you can checkout free third-party apps like call control call blocker and blacklist. For iPhones, stop spam using iBlacklist for US $12.It is the most comprehensive app to block a spam calls & managers for iOS users-however, you need to jailbreak your device to download and use the app.


Stop  Spam On Facebook:


  • Facebook offer robust built-in features to block and minimize your exposures to spam message.

     Stop Facebook &  Twitter Spam, Social Networks, Stop Spam

    Stop Facebook & Twitter Spam


  • The ability to block any thing like spam with in facebook is controlled via the blocking features available in your account privacy settings. Through this one screen, you can stop spam,block Facebook users, apps, event, invite & apps invite, all in one go.


  • You can also discreetly maintain a restricted list of users. People who aren’t part of your inner circle and Facebook automatically restricts them to view only your public updates.
  •     Additionally, you can install apps like Norton safe web which automatically scans through your Facebook feeds to stop spam links.


Stop Spam On Twitter:


  •  Twitter is besieged with spam accounts spewing spam tweet.


  • The low-tech manual way to stop  spam which is from suspected account is by visiting its profile page, click on the black silhouette icon and click ” Block” or “Report for spam”.


  • Alternatively, you can stop spam by checkout service like: which identifies all spam accounts following you, deleting them, and protecting your Twitter account from spammers in the future.


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