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Machine Learning: A Curse Or A Blessing For IT Security?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are among the most discussed topics in IT security. Some hope that they will provide the ultimate breakdown against malware, while others fear increasing more sophisticated cyberattacks. Both sides are right. Artificial Intelligence Is Not Machine Learning. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčartificial intelligence (AI) or, more accurately, machine learning […]

Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing?

There is an inflationary variety of different terms around the topic of artificial intelligence. Today we want to clarify what they mean. Do you sometimes get your head spinning when terms are thrown again that is so scientific and technical that they cannot be interpreted with common sense alone? Such a ticket of concepts developed […]

How Does Machine Learning Works & Advantages Of Using It

Definition And Explanation: What Is Called Machine Learning? Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. The acknowledgment of examples and formalities as well as the subsequent derivation of suitable solutions are the tasks of this technology. The basis is provided by existing databases that are required to recognize the pattern. Accordingly, the technology generates […]

Machine Learning & Its Applications

Machine learning is becoming more and more mainstream today. Until a few years ago, self-learning programs were exclusively a topic for universities, research institutions, and some technology companies, but today they are increasingly being used in normal products and solutions. Our everyday and business life is increasingly determined by intelligent programs that consist of data […]

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