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Drive Technology: With Industrial Robots, Damping Is Essential

Industrial robots have to be very fast and extremely precise. However, highly dynamic motion sequences stimulate unwanted vibrations. This means that there is either deviations inaccuracy, or it has to be driven more slowly. A damping actuator can help. Traditionally, industrial robots were mainly used for handling tasks. This area is still the central area […]

It’s All About Culture: This Is How Companies Master Digital Transformation

The corona pandemic was a powerful accelerator for digitization: companies that did not yet have a transformation strategy had to create one overnight. However, it was often forgotten to take the employees with them. However, a successful digital transformation can only be achieved if technology and employees are in harmony. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, […]

AI Security – 5 Facts About The Security Of Artificial Intelligence

Some find it fascinating, others are directly involved in its further development, and third, it gives a queasy feeling in the stomach: We are talking about artificial intelligence, or AI for short. Although the technology is already being used in many places and has unbelievably great potential, it does not only generate enthusiasm. Above all, […]

Data Science In Agriculture: How We Can Produce More Harvest

Data science and big data are increasingly finding their way into agriculture to create economic and ecological production conditions adapted to the market. Digital networking is therefore playing an increasingly important role. According to the German Farmers’ Association, “Agriculture 4.0” has arrived in every fifth farm. This means the use of Industry 4.0 applications such […]

Digitization: Not Everyone Needs An Intelligent Factory!

Anyone who researches studies on the topic of digitization in medium-sized companies will find a multitude of different findings: From “German medium-sized companies are digital pioneers” to “The digitization deficit of German medium-sized companies is growing,” everything is included. This is not surprising. After all, there are different degrees of digital maturity of companies – […]

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