Digital Marketing Trends 2021: Social Media Marketing

Hardly any other marketing discipline has developed as dynamically as social media marketing. Even if it took a few years for companies to discover the importance of social channels for themselves, it has now reached all sectors across the board. But the dynamic doesn’t stop there. The respective platforms implement new features, possibilities, and innovations […]

Drive Technology: With Industrial Robots, Damping Is Essential

Industrial robots have to be very fast and extremely precise. However, highly dynamic motion sequences stimulate unwanted vibrations. This means that there is either deviations inaccuracy, or it has to be driven more slowly. A damping actuator can help. Traditionally, industrial robots were mainly used for handling tasks. This area is still the central area […]

It’s All About Culture: This Is How Companies Master Digital Transformation

The corona pandemic was a powerful accelerator for digitization: companies that did not yet have a transformation strategy had to create one overnight. However, it was often forgotten to take the employees with them. However, a successful digital transformation can only be achieved if technology and employees are in harmony. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, […]

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