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AI Security – 5 Facts About The Security Of Artificial Intelligence

Some find it fascinating, others are directly involved in its further development, and third, it gives a queasy feeling in the stomach: We are talking about artificial intelligence, or AI for short. Although the technology is already being used in many places and has unbelievably great potential, it does not only generate enthusiasm. Above all, […]

Artificial Intelligence At Work For Health

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps extract information from large amounts of data, analyze it, and use it in the best possible way. This opens up new opportunities to optimize processes in the life sciences sector, accelerate product developments, and promote innovations. This enables companies to strengthen their competitiveness and tap new potential sustainably. The possibilities offered […]

Brand Safety: How Facebook Uses AI To Ensure A Safe Advertising Environment

Social networks are great opportunities for advertisers, but hate postings and rampant misinformation can tarnish the user experience. Facebook cleans up and supports its auditors with an effective tool: artificial intelligence. “Is the advertisement placed securely with you? We don’t want to appear together with weird things.” This is what some advertisers ask when they […]

Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing?

There is an inflationary variety of different terms around the topic of artificial intelligence. Today we want to clarify what they mean. Do you sometimes get your head spinning when terms are thrown again that is so scientific and technical that they cannot be interpreted with common sense alone? Such a ticket of concepts developed […]

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