Category: Artificial Intelligence

Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing?

There is an inflationary variety of different terms around the topic of artificial intelligence. Today we want to clarify what they mean. Do you sometimes get your head spinning when terms are thrown again that is so scientific and technical that they cannot be interpreted with common sense alone? Such a ticket of concepts developed […]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Headhunting

Trends in recruiting – this is how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing executive search Digitization is also gaining momentum and artificial intelligence is revolutionizing more and more business processes. In particular, headhunting & executive search can be optimized through recruiting automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. A look at large US corporations already shows the potential […]

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean And How It Works?

There is hardly a topic that concerns companies more than digitization. Almost every company pursues a corresponding digitization strategy. In addition to robotic process automation, big data and blockchain technology, artificial intelligence is considered pioneering future technologies. Hardly any digital strategy can do without artificial intelligence these days.  In the following, we will show you […]

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