15 Tips For A Successful Start On YouTube

Anyone considering the advantages of having their own YouTube channel for their company quickly raises the question of how to get the best start on this platform. Because in addition to creating the first video, there are other do’s and don’ts that should be followed so as not to give away half of the possible success.

I have summarized 15 tips that will bring you closer to a successful YouTube channel.

Tip 1: Use A Separate Google Account

Since YouTube is not only an excellent platform for publishing your videos but can also be a real help for your ranking on Google, it makes sense to create a new Google account for the channel. In this way, you can appear several times in the search engine rankings and, in the best case, occupy the first three places in the results list with your website and Facebook.

Tips 2: The Right Concept

As with your website and your Facebook profile, it is also essential to maintain the channel on YouTube . Of course, this means work and attention to detail because without content and added value for the user, your channel will flop!

So don’t just think about who should look after the channel and create the necessary resources for this; also think about topics and content. Who do you want to reach? What does your target group want to see? What added value can you offer with the videos?

Tip 3: The Name Of Your Channel

The name of the channel must make a statement about your company. It is, therefore, best to use the company name. If this is already taken, the attribute “Official” is in front of it. The main thing is that you are found, and the user knows you are the original.

Tip 4: The Making Off

If you want to shoot videos in the future, ensure you get a perfect camera and an optimal editing program. Look more at the quality than the cost here because no film is even better than a bad one in this case.

Also, consider having the films made by a professional. Especially with the trailer, it is essential not to make any compromises. It is already decided whether you arouse the users’ interest or not.

Tip 5: The First Video

The first film should be a short company presentation, a so-called image film, which shows you and your company from its best side in the shortest possible time. If this is new territory for you, contact a professional. The sound recordings are only one side of the coin, as is appropriate background music, for which you have to observe the copyright. An optimal compilation decides on success or failure. Choosing the right equipment, e.g., B., a high-quality microphone, should be carefully considered.

Tip 6: The Channel Trailer

The trailer is the video visitors find and play first when they click on your channel. This can be the image film, for example. Especially with the trailer, it is essential to bring a lot of information to the user in the shortest possible sequences in an appealing and captivating manner to make them curious for more. Another good reason to put such a product in the hands of an expert.

Tip 7: The Content Of Your Videos

The content of your videos should be informative and allow a look behind the scenes of your company. Make yourself transparent. This creates closeness to the customer and makes you and your employees approachable, human, likable, and authentic.

Tell your story, let the audience peek into your hallowed halls, and convey your company values ​​and corporate philosophy. The more you open up, the more customers you will win.

Tip 8: Regular Publications

To be noticed and, above all, to be interesting for the search engines, such a channel must be kept alive. Therefore, the plan releases at regular intervals. But the following applies here: Better to choose more considerable distances, but make the videos high-quality. If you don’t have something new to tell weekly, you shouldn’t try so hard to fill two minutes of the film with nothing. Good content always comes first!

Tip 9: The Titles Of The Videos

Make sure the titles of your films are meaningful. Because not only should the user know what to expect, but also the search engines’ crawlers. Of course, it is optimal if you can pepper them with your keywords.

Tip 10: The Descriptions Of The Films

In addition to the title, the description of the videos is also essential on YouTube. This is also because the spiders catch your films from Google and Co. on the web. Therefore, try to include the most important search terms. But don’t spam them and limit yourself to the actual content of the video.

Tip 11: Links To The Company

When describing the video, focus on the first to third lines. This is the text that the user can read without clicking “show more.” Therefore, it makes sense to include the links to your website and your Facebook profile in these lines. Every link brings potential visitors and, ideally, new customers.

Tip 12: Hashtags

Hashtags are also an excellent way to reach the target group on YouTube. Once you have established your channel, creating your hashtags makes sense and stands out from the crowd.

Therefore, pack one or two such hashtags – initially with your keywords – in the first and second line of the video description.

Tip 13: Let The Users Participate

You get reach and loyalty to the user primarily through interactions. To get this, you have to create specific actions that encourage the user to watch and participate. Sweepstakes are always a great thing and have the most significant potential.

Tip 14: Draw Attention To Yourself

Don’t just promote your channel on Facebook, Twitter, and your website. Share your videos like crazy and make sure you get noticed on your new platform.

But also be patient and rely on the high quality of your videos, even if the number of views leaves a lot to be desired at the beginning. If you offer real added value for the user, they will eventually spread on their own.

Tip 15: Don’t Apply Too Much

The fact is, if you want to be noticed, you have to draw attention to yourself. But don’t promise anything in your videos that you can’t keep, and don’t overdo it. Customers want a reliable, authentic partner, down-to-earth and at eye level.

So show what you can do and don’t hide your strengths, but stay honest and make sure you can keep what you promise! If you pay attention to these things, it is possible to make money with YouTube and to use the ( marketing ) channel effectively.

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