4 Recruitment Challenges Startups Face and How to Overcome Them

Entrepreneurs often attribute their success to having the right team. This is crucial because of the immense impact that an early hire can have on a startup’s success. When you hire the right kind of people, it is easier to build a great company. 

Companies, especially startups, can accelerate their success by hiring employees who match their culture and their technical requirements. Each startup aspires to build a successful business. However, getting there is easier said than done, as many challenges stand in the way. Here are 4 recruitment challenges startups face along with pointers on how to overcome them.

Competition With Other Companies In The Segment

When starting a new tech company and competing with other companies for talent, it can be challenging to source and hire the best developers. Some candidates are just better than others in certain areas. You will need to build up your contacts database through different job boards, staffing agencies, and LinkedIn. Plus, you’ll have to spend a lot of time identifying which skills are essential for your company’s future growth and development.

Offer Shopping Candidates

Often, in the hiring process, nothing is taken for granted. Let’s assume you interact with candidates. A candidate might not be “loyal” to the offer you make to them. Many candidates will accept multiple offers and keep you waiting for a long time. However, some may even use your offer to get a better one elsewhere. Leaving aside the ethics of such behavior, it’s unfortunately not something that you can directly prevent. This results in a low probability of candidates joining the team after receiving an offer. In the case of  startups, this can lead to a relentless chase to fill the same position; draining the resources in the process. 

Limited Talent Pool

Lack of talent is one of the significant startup hiring challenges. Most startups find it difficult to find talent because the available pool is relatively small. Even when talent is largely available, the best ones are often out of budget. This makes it difficult for startups to hire the best candidates and remain competitive in the global marketplace. This is causing many companies to hire from informal networks (referrals through friends and family) or job boards to find potential candidates which, most of the times, don’t suffice the purpose. 

Good Compensation

Salaries in tech are high relative to other industries, but that doesn’t mean they’re high enough to attract the best candidates. One challenge startups face is attracting top talent when salaries are a barrier. This burns a hole in the pocket of already cash-crunched startups trying to stay afloat in the hyper-competitive marketplace. Paying heavy salaries also means giving up something valuable – growth potential, profits, future prospects, and most importantly, your ability to attract and retain talented employees.

So, what’s the solution? Online employment platforms!

Hiring platforms like Turing are helping startups overcome these hiring challenges by putting a system in place to hire skilled remote developers at cost-effective prices. These platforms source, vet, and hire developers using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How exactly can platforms like Turing solve your problem? Here’s how: 

1. They have a pre-vetted talent pool of developers screened on parameters like technical and communication skills. This way, they ensure that you can stay assured that you’d be getting highly skilled developers.

2. You don’t have to hog for sourcing and vetting the developers. All of that is taken care of by these freelancing platforms. They also take care of the candidate’s HR, administrative, and payroll needs so you can focus on core business operations.

3. You get a diverse talent pool, i.e., developers knowing more than one coding language. This widens your horizons and helps you scale the product quickly.

4. They also ensure that the hiring is done according to your interests. If you need a part-time Node.js developer, they will provide you with one. Similarly, if you need a full-time ruby on rails developer, they will take care of that too! .

Turing finds, sources, and vets developers on several parameters before adding them to its intelligent cloud system. These developers are then matched with the right opportunities in Silicon Valley companies. Turing hires only the top 1% of 700k+ developers to ensure that their clients get only top-notch quality developers. Sign up on Turing to know more about its hire developer program.

Harika Kochhar
Harika Kochhar is a technical content writer with Turing. She loves to travel and read books when not writing about AI, big data, and remote work.