5 Job Hunting Tips And Tricks That Will Be Useful For You

Job hunting always comes with its own trepidation and nerves.

This is just as true for applying to your dream company as it is for landing the perfect post-graduate job that will set you on the right career path. Preparing to search for jobs and then go on interviews is quite stressful and this was way before COVID-19, which has made job searching a lot more competitive.

Below you’ll find some practical advice as to how to move to your next desirable job.

How To Prepare For Job Hunting?

Set Clear Goals

It goes without saying. You should know what you’re doing with your career. Having a vision is paramount for a successful career growth. You can’t get the dream job without knowing what that dream looks like in the first place.

Without the end destination, there can’t be a journey. I say dream big and see yourself to the fullest of your potential – that’s usually why recruiters ask where do you see yourself in five or ten years. They want to get a feel for your vision and ambition.

Update Your CV And Cover Letter

Your CV should never be a static thing. Set aside some time regularly to update your CV with any recent accomplishments or qualifications you have acquired. A good strategy is to keep a master CV with every single strength and accomplishment.

Then when the time comes to apply for work positions, see what’s expected of you and curate the best combination of skills to impress recruiters.

Research Companies

One way to narrow down your options and create synergy with your career goals is to research the companies that are the best fit. Where do you see yourself working? Do they offer career growth and compensation? What’s their reputation? Who are their high-ranking employees?

All this comes very handy in gaining a sense of the industry players and where you fit per se.

Stay Organised

Honestly, searching for a job is a bit of a job in itself.

It requires you to sit down and put in the hours. Read job postings. Pay attention to your inbox and social media for when you reach out. Working on your resume. The best approach is to actually make a schedule. Decide how much time and when you’re going to devote to the search and then take a pause. You will need a schedule for when you’re job searching while employed already.

5 Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Find Your Dream Job

Personalize Your Resume

Employers receive dozens upon dozens (sometimes even up to a hundred) of job applications and most recruiters decide in the first seconds whether an application is good enough. You don’t want to end up in a big pile to be forgotten. No, you want to stand out.

To that end, you ought to take the time to personalize your resume. Show your passion and send the right signal to recruiters. It’s definitely a time-consuming task, but so worth it for when you’re gunning for those competitive positions everyone covets.

Use RSS Feed Reader 

RSS feed readers are quite handy when on the actual job hunt. They’re excellent tools for hunting for a new job as they syndicate content from multiple sources and display it in one large feed. No more going through multiple job sites, visiting your dream company’s site or checking their social media profiles.

All of this can be done through a single application. Today’s crop of RSS feed readers is not to be underestimated as they come with content discovery and a native support for Twitter. Depending on the reader, you can get a lot more features. Inoreader, for instance, amplifies its features thanks to its Chrome browser extension. You’ll be able to see all new updates on any tab you’re on!  

Use Your Network

You absolutely never know where the perfect job offer is going to come from – hence you never should neglect your professional network. Tap into every relevant content you may have in order to research the market and check for potential openings in your industry. It’s as important as hitting the job sites and job seeking groups on LinkedIn.

Bonus points for actively working on creating your network through seminars, social events and appointments. With the pandemic, these efforts are best placed into your online presence starting with your LinkedIn and Twitter.

Prepare For Common Questions

Think of interviews as a performance. You’re assigned a role and you have to do some work to prepare. Although it’s impossible to guess what recruiters will actually ask you, there are tons of common interview questions. Start reading and think about what you’re going to answer. Make a game plan with talking points that you can prep with.

Have some nerves? Rehearse the interview. One way to do this is to record yourself answering a bunch of questions and noting how you carry yourself. Body language speaks volumes during your interview. Even better would be to have someone else do a practice interview with you. This way you can get into the swing of things and feel a bit more comfortable.

Do More Than They Ask You To Do

Now this step only applies for those jobs where specific skillsets are required. It’s not uncommon for companies to not just ask for examples of your accomplishments and skills, but also put you to the test to prove yourself.

Companies are hungry for dedicated workers. Show up as a perfect fit by going a little bit beyond what they’re asking you to be. Now obviously this ought to be done within reason. Is this really a company you see yourself working in for the long run? Then add some more flair to your work. If they ask you the bare minimum, complete another step or add an insightful comment.

Anyway to show you care about not just getting hired, but being in this company.

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