7 Marketing And Sales Trends To Apply In Your Company

Can you keep pace with changes in marketing actions and update your persuasion strategies and tools?

The truth is that this may be a challenging task. With consumer behavior being adjusted with each small technological leap or update, communicating with the public and closing a deal also goes through constant adjustments.

Marketing And Sales Trends

Some marketing actions that started to show good results last year promise to bring even more conversions. Especially in the digital environment, with updated versions of social applications and advances in tools.

For example, current and effective strategies, such as extending video content and automating content, demonstrate more solidity than before.

The trends in sales point to more humanity in dealing with the customer and an engaged, modern and well-prepared sales team to deal with this demanding consumer.

For this reason, companies will need to explore the potential of strategies such as Social Selling and Growth Hacking. And, of course, remembering the importance of technological tools to optimize marketing and sales strategies. 

Video Content Production

We know that more and more images are the formats most consumed and produced by the population.

The big news for digital marketing is the launch of IGTV, Instagram’s in-house video platform. With it, the relationship between users and video content gained more momentum.

Companies that want to increase organic engagement should take into account the use of this resource, not forgetting lives – live videos. The big idea is to create rich and highly specialized content, well designed and produced for the vertical format.

Partnerships With Digital Influencers

Influencer marketing is a strategy that has been used in recent years since the “boom” of YouTubers on different channels.

This continues to be a marketing trend, with the difference that today’s niches are increasingly specialized, and the public is more engaged.

Thus, investing in digital celebrities who speak directly to their personas and increase brand recognition directly interferes with the credibility of your product and the conversion of new business.

Companies focused on local sales, for example, should look for regional influencers, mapping the areas of greatest interest and establishing long-term partnerships. As for businesses that aim at branding, influencers with a greater reach are more suitable.

In all cases, it’s important to find people with a high level of engagement, whether on video channels, social media profiles or podcasts.

Content Automation

Still observing the advances in the digital environment, another relevant area is automation with robots. In addition to the famous chatbots used in the quick service of digital users, automation in content production appears as a marketing trend.

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis algorithms already allows the creation of narratives similar to those of editors and journalists through specific software.

And those who use inbound marketing know that it can be difficult to maintain the quality, relevance and originality of the content produced. But that should become part of the past with automation.

Although advances are still expected in writing and narrative elements, this novelty allows marketing analysts to scale the use and distribution of content based on the data obtained.

In addition, another benefit is the standardization of content and maintenance of quality, from the strategy to the choice of images and the guarantee of publication within the established deadlines.

Social Selling

Sales trends follow the same pace, valuing digital tools. And in this regard, Social Selling presents itself as a modernized and indispensable method of prospecting and monitoring customers.

Through social networks, it becomes possible to maintain a relationship with the public, increase the number of qualified leads and generate more sales.

Social networks also provide us with important metrics to understand what customers want, what they say and think about the business.

They enable a more intimate relationship between customer and company, facilitating trust in the brand and its recognition in the market.

Growth Hacking

Speaking of metrics, Growth Hacking is a marketing trend that has grown in the market. It resorts to data obtained in different ways – CRMs, surveys, post-sales, etc. -creativity and analytical thinking to find sales opportunities for rapid business growth.

The term popularized by Sean Ellis in 2010 is a method that uses several simultaneous experiments to collect data, generate optimization ideas and outline strategies linked to the purchase journey.

Growth Hacking actions are then designed within a specific sales funnel, which considers five stages, solving the most urgent problems in each funnel step.

This marketing and sales trend has already been proven by companies like Facebook and LinkedIn and shows promise.

Sales Team Training

In addition to these updates, with the relationship between companies and customers increasingly valued, it is essential that the sales team also modernize.

Each sales team professional must be prepared to deal with customers who have access to information, carry out research and compare before making a purchase.

The sales trend is for training to be carried out that goes beyond mere technicalities. They should resort to innovative methodologies, considering this more demanding consumer who wants personalized and humanized treatment.

Methodologies include push notifications, learning events, and on-demand training through webinars, recorded videos, and discussion forums. All to improve the team’s ability to relate to and achieve new business.

It is also interesting that the sales manager is a “team coach”, transforming his salespeople and motivating them to reach their maximum professional potential.

Technological Tools

Maximizing sales also depends on using the right tools. Automating and optimizing the salespeople’s routine is essential for the sales team to obtain more conversions.

In this area, trends in sales are management software that focuses on the customer. In addition to allowing the entire sales process to be monitored, they enable a better relationship with the consumer.

We are talking about CRMs ( Customer Relationship Managers), which condense the entire history of a given customer, alert for follow-up and allow a personalized relationship with each person served, among other functions.

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