APSBCL Retailer Login: Complete Overview [Login, Forgot Password, Features]

APSBCL or APSBCL Retailer Login is an official government beverage website of Andhra Pradesh State. To conduct a legal shop or to open a liquor business, the participants should have these retailer login credentials and tender details.

A ruling political party promised its people that they would reduce the liquor supply to the state in the conscience of the men taking advantage of the liquor and spoiling their health. When they won the election, the political party reduced the supply of liquor by 20%. 

But to run a shop or sell any liquor in AP state, they should and must have the license provided by the government and all legal papers and permission to run their business.

To run this business, one should have a tender and registered retailer login details in which they will get all the details of their business. Now, let’s see how to get those login details and how they are helpful for business strategies.

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How To Get The APSBCL Retailer Login details?

When an individual applies for APSBCL Retailer Login details, they are registered by the government and given login details so that when they log in, they can access the remaining information regarding the status of the application.

After getting the APSBCL Retailer Login details, the applicants who are applying for the business must go through two essential stages, which are:

  1. Technical Bid and
  2. Financial Bid

After completing the above two stages, they can access several details like retailer login, Depot login sales download, etc.

Then, the applicants can be noticed through the website and their details when they submit the remaining information to follow through with their application.

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How To Login through APSBCL website?

Let us see the login steps through APSBCL Retailer Login after getting retailer details like user ID and Password:

Step1: Open the website APSBCL (https://retail.apsbcl.ap.gov.in/)

Step2: On the right, you can see the text boxes in which to enter the details

Step3: Enter your given user ID and Password, then enter the captcha text

Step4: then click login that can navigate you to the website

How To Reset Password On APSBCL Official Website?

If the applicant forgets the Password, they can click the forgot password option given below the enter password option. Applicants are asked to enter their user ID and registered mobile number. Then, an OTP is sent to that registered mobile number.

When the OTP is entered, the applicant is given a link directed to the password change in which applicants can change their Password, confirm their Password, and submit them. 

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Benefits And Main Features Of APSBCL

There are so many benefits and features that are available APSBCL Retailer Login website. Applicants can find some of the benefits below:

  • Applicants can make online transactions through the websites. They can also report the sales through retailer login without any manual work.
  • They can access details like CFMS ID, sales date, bank reference number, etc. There will be real-time data transparency about the retailers and their optional choices.
  • They can have details about depot management and can keep track of stock levels updated.
  • A user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and gives quick results.

APSBCL Retailer Login is also available in the app form. You can download it onto mobile phones and log in. The app version is also the same as the website. The applicants only need to have their login details.

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About Government rules in AP

Many labor workers and families are affected by alcohol, spoiling their health and families. The new government program ordered everyone to reduce the supply of alcohol and its availability for ordinary and poor people so that they could concentrate on their families and feed them.

As a result, when coronavirus affected the states, there was a massive supply of alcohol that sold beverages up to double the available rate. Afterwards, cops arrested these teams for the illegal collection of alcohol.

The government took action against all these happenings and reduced the supply of liquor by 20%. But that stayed the same because so many people started creating cheap quality liquor and supplied it to everyone for low prices.

This will adversely affect the health of alcoholics even more, but no action has been taken until now. That is because the government took these license issues seriously and made it mandatory for anyone who wants to start a business to apply and register beforehand.


The APSBCL Retailer Login is essential if anyone wants to start a business in liquor supply in the state because, according to the government, everything should be sold legally without any possible problems in the future.

The applicant with login details can log in and access the information quickly without any restrictions. They can also make payments regarding their stock without any manual process.

The government beverage website is essential for Andhra Pradesh state because of the vast state profits generated from the liquor business. Even though the ruling party reduced the supply of liquor, more and more people buy and consume it.

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