AWS Certified Developer Associate

AWS Certified Developer Associate certification is intended for those who work in development roles and have one or more years of practical experience creating and managing AWS-based applications. This certification proves that the bearer is knowledgeable about developing, implementing, and troubleshooting AWS cloud-based applications.

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Key Skills Validated For AWS Developer Associate

AWS Fundamentals: Knowledge of the main services, applications, and recommended practices for AWS architecture.

Development with AWS Services: The capacity to write code that maximizes the performance of AWS services and to communicate with AWS services from within your application using the AWS SDK.

Best Practices for Security: knowledge of AWS security best practices, such as how to use the IAM service to gain secure access to resources on the platform.

Deployment and Debugging: Ability to monitor and troubleshoot programs utilizing tools after they are deployed on AWS.

Preparing For The AWS Certification Exam


  • Before starting the certification process, it is recommended that you have,
  • A minimum of one year of practical AWS experience.
  • Proficiency in at least one high-level programming language.
  • Awareness of the main features, applications, and best practices for architecture on AWS.

Study Resources

AWS Certification and Training Portal: AWS provides a suggested study path for the Developer Associate certification in addition to a selection of free online training courses.

AWS Certified Developer Official Study Guide: The official study guide for AWS Certified Developers offers practice questions and answers in addition to a thorough summary of all the subjects tested.

AWS Whitepapers and Documentation: Studying these resources will help you better understand AWS’s best practices and services.

Online courses: AWS Certified Developer Associate exam-specific courses are available on platforms such as Whizlabs, Udemy, and A Cloud Guru.

Hands-on Practice

Gaining firsthand experience with AWS services is essential since AWS strongly emphasizes practical expertise. Create a practice project utilizing AWS services such as EC2, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, and RDS and set up a free-tier account. Try integrating various AWS services and using the AWS SDK to create scripts that automate chores.

Practice Exams

Taking practice exams can help you get a sense of the examination. In addition to a plethora of third-party practice examinations, AWS provides example questions. These can assist in determining your areas of weakness and level of preparedness.

Exam Structure

There are both multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions on the AWS Certified Developer Associate test. The examination is administered in a supervised online format or at a testing center, and you have 130 minutes to do it. The exam costs USD 150.

Key Domains Covered On AWS

Deployment: Deploy written code on AWS using the current CI/CD pipelines, procedures, and patterns.

Security: Security includes encrypting data while it’s in transit and at rest, as well as implementing application authentication and authorization.

Development with AWS Services: Writing code for server less applications and utilizing APIs, SDKs, and the AWS CLI to communicate with AWS services are examples of development with AWS services.

Refactoring: Refactoring is the process of optimizing apps to make the most of AWS features and services.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Writing code that is monitored and carrying out root cause analysis on errors discovered in testing or production are examples of monitoring and troubleshooting.

Benefits Of AWS Certification

Career Advancement

Having the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification will significantly improve your chances of landing a good job. This certification highlights your proficiency with AWS and makes you stand out to prospective employers.

Increased Earning Potential

AWS experts who hold certifications typically earn more money than those who do not. Industry polls indicate that AWS Certified Developers can anticipate a significant rise in their prospective earnings.

Networking Opportunities

Being AWS certified also grants you access to the AWS Certified Global Community, where you can connect with other certified professionals, share knowledge, and explore new opportunities.

Staying Current

AWS certifications need to be renewed every three years, ensuring that you stay current with the latest AWS developments and best practices. This continuous learning approach keeps your skills relevant in the ever-changing cloud landscape.


AWS Certified Developer Associate is a strong certification for developers who want to prove their abilities and grow in the cloud computing industry. You can obtain this certification and have access to a plethora of chances in the cloud business by practicing on real projects and preparing thoroughly. Investing in your professional development with this certification can be beneficial whether your goal is to advance in your current position or pursue other job opportunities.

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