Chatbot And CRM: How To Use Automation To Drive Sales?

Integrating the chatbot into a CRM brings as its main benefit a high level of personalization of communication between brands and their audience. In practice, this integration can be explained by some CRM features, which allow for the automation and organization of processes, as well as the collection of data capable of guiding decisions of the service and sales teams.

However, the operation of a CRM without virtual assistants in attendance requires a lot of human resources since it is necessary to collect the information manually and put into practice the actions that will be structured from them. As it becomes a laborious process, as there are many users to be analyzed, what happens is that the best solution is usually to allocate them in large groups, making the customization not so efficient.

With the help of chatbots, personalized communication becomes scalable, as there is no limit to the number of customers the resource can serve, bringing advantages such as boosting sales.

What Functionalities Of A Chatbot Help In The CRM Strategy?

Now that you already know the relationship between chatbot and CRM, it’s time to list some features of virtual assistants, based on Einstein Bots, from Salesforce, which helps companies’ strategies. Check out!

Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are more than computer programs. They can have human-like intelligence, as with Einstein, which involves disruptive artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning technologies. These features prevent it from becoming a cast, programmed to respond only to predefined lists of words, following a rule-based interaction pattern.

Pre-Defined Chatbots

Data from the consultancy Deloitte points out that chatbots are evolving and improving the ability to interact with human beings. The trend, in this case, is that they are increasingly moving from being just operational to becoming transactional and consultative.

Einstein Bot, for example, allows pre-defined configurations that customize the communication of brands with their audience. For this, companies can plan the rules in detail so that it acts as a faithful assistant in the relationship with consumers. This includes intentions, dialogues and personality.

This way, a personalized system is created that is useful and efficient for care. In general terms, AI chatbots can be programmed to learn from interactions with specific users, creating more innovative and proactive databases. They are systems capable of processing and relating new data to optimize interactions beyond programmed responses.


In addition to artificial intelligence and machine learning resources, Einstein uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) resources. This means that this chatbot uses features that capture, process and understand messages sent by consumers, even if they are somewhat complex.

What Are The Advantages Of Integrating A Chatbot With A CRM?

Integrating the chatbot into the CRM can be an excellent way to achieve faster, more permanent and more effective results in the relationship with customers, who will have their demands met in an agile way and, in many cases, without the need to involve human attendants. To make the advantages more straightforward, see some of them below.

Decrease In Registered Cases And Increase In Recorded Data

One of the common characteristics among today’s consumers is the search for agility in service. With the help of a chatbot, queries and other customer issues are resolved much faster than if humans carried out the process.

Imagine the following situation: the company’s service channels receive contacts from potential customers asking about the stores’ days and hours of operation. At that moment, the attendant requests personal information from each of them, such as the municipality and address in which they are located, to search for the nearest branch and their respective knowledge in databases. Only after this survey does the customers in question have their requests answered.

There are no such processes with virtual assistants, as both the search in the database and the responses occur instantly. This translates into more satisfied customers, and fewer recorded complaints, optimizing loyalty and sales.

To the same extent, by integrating Einstein Bots with Salesforce’s CRM, it can rely on Service Analytics resources and a series of data that bring insights for strategic decision-making.

Cost Reduction

According to Chatbots Magazine, intelligent virtual assistants can reduce customer service costs by up to 30%. In practice, integrating the chatbot into the CRM brings savings in both operational costs and labor.

After all, it is increasingly common for robots that use artificial intelligence to solve many real consumer questions independently. In addition, unlike human attendants, chatbots are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with immediate answers to various questions.

Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation, or IPA, can represent between 20% to 35% in optimizing efficiency and reducing up to 60% of the processing time of organizations. That’s what McKinsey consultancy points out.

The union between chatbot and CRM directly contributes to the automation necessary for companies undergoing digital transformation and increasingly need agility and business intelligence. This is because many manual and service activities usually performed by people are now efficiently and quickly accomplished by machines.

More than bringing these benefits, the integration of resources makes the marketing and sales teams increasingly dedicate themselves to creating strategies to improve the customer experience.

Constant Qualification Of The Database

As it is a scalable solution, the integration of the chatbot with the CRM is always active, allowing brands to personalize their relationship with their customers increasingly. In addition to a more accurate database, it is possible to find different ways of relating to a diverse audience.

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