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Yes, it all started with a social media aesthetic, but now it’s a subculture that is making quite an impact on today’s youth.

Plus, this is an impact in the best way possible because it encourages young minds to romanticize their studies.

It is not just about the theme or the fashion; it is also about the quest for knowledge. Reading to know something and then moving down the endless rabbit hole of knowledge and illumination.

It gets students excited about studying!

What could be better than that? So, this is a culture that we are willing to follow.

Now, if you are someone who has an elaborate plan for incorporating this theme into your life.

Maybe you are a university student, and this will give you that extra jolt of motivation.


You are just working from home, and believe that this can be of great help for motivation. We are bringing some of the best books you can read, the best art prices you can print, and music you can listen to to bring Dark academia into your house.

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Why The Thematic Decoration?

Now, why do we need this to better our academics?

The truth is, you do not!

However, there is no harm. Plus, if doing these activities and indulging in these thematic decorations help you to motivate yourself or put you in a good headspace, then dark academia is for you.

If you fail to find some of the books and music, then you can download them all for free at thenewpiratebay.org.

Without further adieu, let us dive in.

Dark Academie Books

Here are some of the dark academia books which can help you get into the mood immediately.

1. The Maidens – Alex Michaelides

This book has stirred some excitement in the dark academia fan group. This is because the plot is set at Cambridge University and comes from the bestselling author of the Silent Patient.

A woman’s obsession with a profession mixed with a strong belief that he committed a murder.

2. The Secret History

This is known as a cult classic for dark academia lovers. Again, the story revolves around a university student Richard Papen who joins a charming but corrupt clique. Will he be able to overcome the perils that come with it?

3. They Never Learn

A dark feminist story that deals with academic and femme fatal. The story revolves around a professor who is a vigilante at night. What happens when she joins hands with a student who is equally aggrieved by the male-centric society.

4. The Scholar

Another dark academia-themed mystery set in the heart of Ireland. Dr. Emma Sweeney finds the victim of a hit and run, who was later discovered as the heir to Darcy’s pharmaceuticals.

You have to read the rest to know more.

Dark Academia Music

Dark academic music is something which you not only listen to calm your nerves, but it can also get you into the mood of studying. You can ditch your old playlist and try listening to some classical music.

It has also been analyzed after learning from many students’ accounts that listening to Mozart while studying can induce maximum brainpower. This can help you learn and memorize things better and even write your assignments quicker.

Some of the other classical music albums are Beethoven, Chopin, Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner, etc. These are music pieces you can listen to when you are either studying or reading one of the masterpieces given above.

Dark Academia Decor

Dark academia decor is something that will always help you to get into the mood without having to go to the library.

Some of these decor items include items like-

– Scented candles.

– Long candles with candlesticks.

– Hardbound books.

– Dark academia art pieces.

– Warm tone lamps.

– Small Greek Busts.

Get The Themes On!

If you are someone who cannot wait for the school to reopen, then this is the chance for you to catch up on some early reading.

Or have you been in a reading slump?

Maybe the dark academia will be able to help you channel your inner scholar again.

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