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About Data Recovery: Today almost all information is stored in digital form. Modern technologies offer many advantages; they can reduce working hours significantly and, ultimately, they help make our lives more comfortable. Nevertheless, there are some dangers associated with digitization that we usually only notice when it is too late.

No technology is without dangers, and no security system is 100% fail-safe. Processing and storing data is no exception.

There is a similar diversity as with the storage of data with programs that also access this data, create and edit it. The developments in this area are rapid. Data recovery companies can only offer real success with almost all operating systems or file structures through qualified observation, intensive study, and applied research of the constantly developing technologies.

However, damage does not necessarily have to affect a medium as a whole. Data on individual logical parts, such as files that cannot be accessed, can also be affected. This is no less trivial, even if such errors are not only due to technical defects. Therefore, we also offer data recovery for almost hopelessly defective files and folders and access to password-protected and encrypted documents.

Whether a generally known malfunction or a special malfunction led to profound damage; Our team of experienced and very well-trained specialists is prepared to deal with the most unusual data loss situations professionally and as quickly as possible.

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