Do You Need To Optimize The SEO Of Your Home Page?

The home page is the page that presents the interface of your site. This page is the one that Internet users will have in front of them as soon as they visit the site and direct them to the different sections, to each tab. The question is, “should I optimize the SEO of my homepage?”. “If some people think that the home page should be subject to referencing to promote their site’s visibility, others are not convinced of the usefulness of this task and believe that the home page should remain as a gateway—opening of their site. We can thus see sites with a home page with an empty shell and others whose home page is complete as an egg.

A Home Page Is A Page Similar To Other Pages

It should be noted that Google recognizes SEO at the page level and not at the site level. It is, therefore, utterly legitimate if we consider its home page as a page in its own right, with almost the exact characteristics of the other pages. Optimizing your SEO must also be done for several reasons, just like that of different pages.

Internet Users Do Not Necessarily Land On The Homepage

According to research carried out on the search engine, in this case on Google, clicking on a URL does not systematically give access to the site’s door, which is the home page. Therefore, it is essential to “boost” this first page in SEO so that Internet users can find their way around and make their choice on the pages to consult.

The Homepage Accumulates Natural Backlinks

The home page has backlinks; these hypertext links allow you to go from one site to another. Having naturally present backlinks, the home page will have the ability to rank on a search with solid competition.

The Home Page Organizes Internal Links

The complete mesh of the site revolves, in general, around the home page. It is entirely understandable if this page will be the subject of SEO optimization by integrating the keywords to direct Internet users to the internal anchors. This is also the case for a Netlinking campaign that would be referred directly to the home page.

A Home Page Is A Single Page

A site’s home page is unique, and there are not two, and SEO optimization is not necessary on this page. It can exist and be visible without any specific referencing. The best is to leave the home page as it is, naturally, and Google will do the rest.

The Home Page Should Only Keep Its Role As A Landing Page

It is unnecessary to optimize the home page at the risk of “hiding” the other pages. It would be better to focus on “the brand” on this page, which is a doorway to the other pages. It must remain as a link for newsletters, for Google my business, for the brand query, for user sharing, so as not to “distort” it.

The Home Page Of A Multi-Product Site Does Not Need Optimization

SEO optimization of a home page may be necessary if the brand has only one product to sell or only one service to offer. It is also valid for a single-reference site. Nevertheless, a site offering various products could see products favored over others with SEO; it is better to stay on a neutral home page.

When Should I Optimize My Homepage?

For or against the SEO optimization of the homepage? It must be said that the answer will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If it’s a site with intense competition for products, such as a multi-competitor SERP, homepage optimization might be necessary short- to medium-term strategy. Term, somewhat ad hoc. Internet users are looking for a specific product and visit the sites to find what they are looking for; optimizing the home page can be effective in guiding these Internet users as quickly as possible.

It would be better to leave the home page “neutral” for a long-term strategy, devoid of any optimization. This is the best way to manage the home page properly and the site afterward. It is also the best way to adapt the home page according to the market, trends, and demands. A neutral home page keeps a pleasant interface that can be familiar to allow Internet users to find themselves and orient their research and choices.

It is recommended to consult the SERP of your keyword regularly. This is to find out if the homepage corresponds to this keyword, according to Google, and if it is thus optimized. Being aware of the state of your SERP will allow you to choose the best strategy.

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