Eddie Munson From Stranger Things | Is He Making A Comeback?

Stranger Things is a well-known series from Netflix with many fans worldwide. Stranger Things was created by the Duffer brothers in the year 2016 when the first episode was aired.

The four seasons of Stranger Things web series are very successful, and people worldwide are waiting for the fifth season, declared as the series’ last season. In Stranger Things, there are many characters that we can talk about, but the surprising character that the Duffer brothers created by casting Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson is the talk of the show from the last season.

Eddie Munson, aka Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things, the character that became very well known in season one, has theories from around the world. Many fans believe he will make a comeback in the next season. There is no statement or certain news where this is true about the information. 

Eddie Munson may have a story or comeback in season 5 of Stranger Things. Let’s briefly discuss the character of Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie Munson in the series, and try to know some theories by fans and know if there is a chance for that character to return.

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Comeback Of Eddie Munson: Some Theories

Stranger Things is a series based on American science fiction set in the 1980s in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. The story is based on an experiment held in the city of Hawkins that opens the way to the upside down of that town. 

The upper part of the town contains some monsters and a strange environment that eats up the central city and starts affecting people living there. Some children who came to know about the situation try to solve it with the help of Eleven, an experimental superpower girl of the scientists.

The series is known to everyone, so in the 4th season, Eddie Munson appears as the leader of the official D&D club of Hawkins School. Mike and Dustin used to play with him in the club. 

One day, when Eddie Munson was making a drug deal with Chrissy, she died before him due to Vecna. Then he came to know about the down Vecna from Dustin. He follows him and his friends, hiding from the people who think he killed Chrissy. 

When the group went upside down to kill Vecna and protect the town, in the process, Eddie got killed by some bat-like creatures in the upside down. There are some theories made by fans that Eddie is still alive and can make a comeback in the next season. What are those?

Theory one: Eddie Stranger Things

Some say there is a possibility that Eddie is still alive in the upside-down of Hawkins’s town because as he is killed in the upside-down, there is a possibility that he may recover and be stuck somewhere in the chaos of the upside-down environment.

He may be stuck, or there is a possibility of him living with light injuries and not knowing how to make it to the town and needing help. 

Theory Two: Eddie Stranger Things

Eddie may be injured by the bat-like creatures of the upside down, which mind flayer Vecna controls. When everything upside down is in the control of Vecna or the mind flayer, why doesn’t the villain or mind flayer choose to help Eddie Munson recover so they can use him by controlling his mind?

They showed that Vecna is dead, but the mind flayer can still control anyone and use them against the town and maybe the entire world. The mind flayer just needs someone, so why doesn’t that someone be this Eddie Munson, who is said to be dead upside down in the town?

Theory Three: Eddie Stranger Things

As Eddie Munson was bitten to death by bat-like creatures, some fans believe that there may be a possibility of him becoming a vampire. This is funny, but. At the start of the 4th season, when playing Dungeons and Dragons, they came across Kas, a vampire they talked about.

Eddie has a bat tattoo on his forearm, which can also connect in two possible ways that the creators want users to catch Eddie ‘s character. Maybe he will die by bats or become a vampire by bats and get stuck upside down.

Theory Four: Eddie Stranger Things

Eddie Munson may or may not be alive on the upside down. However, there is still a possibility that maybe the vena helps him recover. The theory of vampires may work but not entirely because if Vecna helps recover him, he may become like a vampire with some controlling powers or some kind of creature that can help Vecna.

As Vecna opens the gates upside down, that may cause the end of Hawkins. However, there is still a possibility that Vecna needs more army to conquer the entire town. With eleven, he wants more power, so there is a chance that Vecna will use Eddie against his friends and the city.

Theory Five: Eddie Stranger Things

The experimental kids of Brener that Vecna kills in his early stages in the lab are also theorized that ‘010’ is maybe Eddie. Because the wristwatch he placed on his hand can cover his tattoo of 010, and perhaps he survived the attack of Vecna in the lab.

Many fans believe this because Eddie is seen as not that surprised when Dustin says about eleven. Maybe he is also one of the kids in that lab. So viewers think that if he survived the first Vecna attack, he could also survive this demon bat attack and make a comeback and help eleven. 

Let’s Conclude The Theories With Some Facts

The Character Eddie Munson connected so many and was loved by so many that they started creating their theories that maybe the character has not ended yet in the series. According to the creators, they can’t take the fact that there are many possible ways that a character can be completed for some reason or the story to go on.

Some theories may be ridiculous, or some may make a point, but not all characters have a dot connecting stories. The death of a character in the series or movie should be accepted first by the viewers because some create their fantasies and rub them against the new fans, confusing them and increasing their hopes.

Maybe that’s why Duffer brothers made a pull-stop to all these fan theories. In the recent Happy Sad Confused podcast, the creators said that the Eddie Munson character is created just to end. 

It means they wrote the surface so that it will end in the 4th season itself without any possibility or hope of making a comeback. Not only the creator Duffer brothers but also Millie bobby brown, who played the character ‘Eleven,’ also put down the theories of the comeback of Eddie Munson in the series.

Joseph Q’s character as Eddie Munson has created an enormous impact. Viewers want the surface to make a comeback and continue in the series. He played the character so well that many fans connected to his charisma in the series. The last words of Eddie in the series to Dustin are, “This time, I did not run away.”

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