How To Do An Egg Cleanse : Spiritual Ritual & Benefits

The world is so much developed and modernised, but it doesn’t stop people from believing in evil things, negative and positive energies, bad luck, and ways to get rid of them. People believe and follow many rituals to eliminate negative energy from their lives. One such spiritual ritual is performing an Egg Cleanse to remove negative energy. Many believe it and follow it.

This article is about how the Egg Cleanse ritual originated and why people used and believed in such rituals. Will doing egg cleansing help to eliminate bad energy and negativity, or is it just a ritual our ancestors followed? Please read further to get the complete details of the ritual.

What Is An Egg Cleanse?

The Egg Cleanse ritual is done by rolling an uncracked egg over our forehead and all over the body and breaking it into a glass of salt water, observing the egg yolk shapes, and concluding the cause of the bad things happening frequently in one’s life. Some people believe performing such a ritual removes terrible energy from their bodies. Not only did they have a ritual, but people also felt a spiritual way to heal from all the negative energy.

People from different parts of the world follow such rituals. Some people follow unique rituals, which are weird, and unconvincing rituals, but still, they follow them. One such ritual, famous in some areas, is Egg Cleanse for removing negative energy. 

When some people face uncommon things in their daily routine which spoil their everyday events making them emotionally low, when they move around with some people, they feel some bad energy from them. In contrast, with some people, you get positive energy. So, when they identify terrible things happening in their life, they perform the Egg Cleanse ritual to remove bad impact or negative energy and return to normal stage.

Benefits Of Doing Egg Cleanse

People use this as a medicine. By doing this, we can eliminate and heal all our sufferings. Egg cleansing heals our minds, body, and soul. Other key benefits of doing the Egg Cleanse ritual are mentioned below. Kindly check them. People believe that,

  • Eggs help to eliminate bad luck. 
  • Eggs help to cure addictions.
  • It helps to eliminate toxic energy.
  • It helps to eliminate our stress and anxiety. 
  • People who believe in chakras and doshas believe that eggs will eliminate those doshas in chakras. 
  • Eggs shun negative energy and harmful spirits in our bodies. 
  • If people have confusion problems, eggs help to get over them.
  • Most importantly, eggs heal the mental and physical problems of the body like fears and phobias.
  • Eggs also help heal the imbalances in the body and bad karma.

Where Does The Spiritual Ritual Egg Cleanse Originate?

Ancestors from Mexico and Meso-America started the Egg Cleanse ritual to eliminate negative energy from their lives. Many countries follow the same ritual with little changes. Italian and Filipino cultures follow these traditions. The Egg Cleanse tradition is called Limpa in Spanish which means spiritual cleansing.

Our ancestors followed many rituals because, in those days, People naturally believed in healing. Egg cleansing is one of the traditions that people have followed for ages. Many parts of the world still follow.

Why Is The Egg Cleanse Ritual Done With Eggs?

An egg is another form of life, which means it reproduces, has fertility and has many more uses. That is the reason they choose eggs. It gives birth, which implies it removes your bad phase. Eggs are very often connected with Easter. Easter, we all know what it is, but in ancient times there was Ostara, named after the goddess Eostre/Ostara. 

Even today, it is remembered as the Easter Bunny because a hare is a sacred animal for the goddess and a symbol for the moon. Hare has been conceived while she’s already pregnant. Hare and eggs come into existence to the word fertility. Eggs came to represent life with abundance. In that process, eggs have been used to take over bad phases and energy from souls. So, the Egg Cleanse process is done with eggs. 

Positive Energy And Negative Energy And Their Influence On Our Life

Energy comes in different forms. Our body collects different energies from various sources. Daily, we spend lots of time outside and meet various people. We face many circumstances and situations daily. While facing all these, we may get a lot of positive or negative energy.

We all know that when we interact with or meet certain people daily, we feel drained, anxious, and irritated. It simply means you collect negative energy all day, or some bad energy surrounds us. 

In the same way, the exact opposite happens to you when you are surrounded by good energy and a positive vibe of people. You walk to your home with a positive attitude, happiness, and inspiration, meaning you have gained positive energy. 

Both negative and positive energy play equal roles in building your growth and capabilities of controlling things and how to lead life. Negative energy play spoils sports too and affects our growth badly. And it would help if you found out whether you are surrounded by good or bad energy. When it happens, you may notice the change.

Due to all that negative energy and imbalance in life, to restore your original energy, you need to do an egg cleansing ritual, filling your soul positively and restoring positive energy and harmony. Doing Egg Cleanse will not only eliminate negative energy from your soul but also fill your soul with positive energy and bring bright opportunities and good fortune to your future endeavours. It makes your body and soul calm, relaxed, and composed, and you feel lighter afterward.

You can do it regularly or even every day after coming home. There are no restrictions or bad times to perform the ritual. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

Before starting new things like projects or plans, people perform such rituals to keep the bad karma out of their reach. We can’t avoid a little uncertainty, so these rituals help us to not impact us anymore with that uncertainty.

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Things Needed To Perform The Egg Cleanse Ritual

Here we shall explain how to perform Egg Cleanse rituals on your own. It’s not at all a big deal to do. Check out what you need to perform this task.

  • Take one clean egg at room temperature.
  • White candle
  • Take one small white cloth.
  • Bowl
  • Water of glass
  • Salt

Arrange all the ingredients and start the process. Kindly notice the process might be continued without interruptions. If you want to do it on a clean surface, it’s up to you. You can do it there.

Keep all your items in front of you and start doing the process. It’s a short process that takes a maximum of ten minutes. But while performing the ritual, your intentions must be clear and positive. If not in such a way, it is of no use. First, you must believe this ritual wholeheartedly.

Let’s See How To Do The Egg-Cleansing Ritual

Take all the above-listed items:

  • A clear egg
  • A nice clean glass of cold water (not warm water)
  • Salt
  • A white candle
  • A white cloth

Choose a nice and calm place in your home. Arrange all the items in front of you and sit before them. Take the clean egg and pray by holding it with good intentions. Pray for some time about the problem causing bad energy surrounding you and run that egg all over your body. Begin with the forehead, then bring it down slowly and run it down throughout the body. Depending on you, you can perform this egg cleanse ritual with your eyes closed or open entirely. Close your eyes while praying and open them afterward.

After rolling the egg over the body, clean the egg with fresh or saltwater. Once it is cleaned, take it into your hands. Take a cup or glass and fill it with water and add salt. Make sure the cup and water are clean while performing this ritual for a better visual. Light the candle and perform the egg cleansing ritual. Gently rub the egg without any harsh movements. 

Then crack the egg into the glass directly. Make sure eggshells don’t fall into the cup. Let the yolk sink to the bottom of the glass, and do not move it. The egg yolk sits in the cup; don’t move it; keep a stopwatch or timer. Leave the cup; do not move or shake the cup. Most importantly, make sure you don’t allow anyone to touch the cup.

How To Study Egg Yolk Shapes?

After performing the ritual, you may notice changes in the shape of the yolk. It appears in different shapes such as bubbles, cloudiness, strings, cages, an eye, flowers, and figures. Every shape has a unique theory. So, we shall see how to read the shapes and their indications.


When you see bubbles in the cup, it’s almost a good sign that our negative energy is eliminated from our body, and it’s all because you are going through heavy stress and moving people with weird behavior. Many evil eyes are upon you. So, they all have been removed if bubbles appear on the cup.


If you notice any cloudiness in the shape of yolk in the cup, it means there are many problems for you, not for others, but you have your physical problems. People with mental conditions, confused states, headaches, and physical damage symptoms come under this category. So it cautioned us to check how to get cured of these symptoms. 


If you notice the egg yolk is on top of the water with some egg yolk portion dipped down, you are worried and thinking about something.


Suppose you notice spikes in egg yolk. Strings are seen from top to bottom of the cup, but they won’t touch the bottom surface of the water. Spikes shown in the yolk mean some gossip and blocks are centred in your life that need to be removed.


Cages are around the cup’s yolk sideways and look like cages. It looks like an oval shape. Its crucial part is that you are trapped and struck by various people not coming out of their cages. 

An Eye

If you notice an eye in the cup, it’s a severe concern. Only a few would get it. An eye in egg yolk indicates an evil eye is surrounding you. Someone made sorcery against you, which is a hazardous sign. If this happens as early as possible, you must consult Brujx and Curanderx and explain so that they will help you. Brujx has been practiced over the years in Latin America.


Suppose you notice some unknown figures in the shape of the egg yolk; it indicates people who are bullying you. So, beware of it. For better results, check with the candle. This is the central aspect of the Egg Cleanse ritual, performing it and studying the shapes of the yolk.

Final Segment After Performing Egg Cleanse

After finishing the Egg Cleanse and studying the process and results, don’t throw the egg and equipment used in dustbins or roads. Pour the egg yolk into the sink or flush it in the bathroom. The cup on which you performed the ritual should be kept safe, and don’t use it further for any reason. It’s a spiritual tool. You can perform more Egg Cleanse rituals with that cup.


The Egg Cleanse ritual is most famous among many countries, originating from Mexico and Latin America. People believe that when you are in a bad phase, or some negative energy surrounds you, it will heal all your negative energy. The ancestors started the ritual. Many believe it and do such activities around the world. But our readers should not surround themselves with bad vibes and should always be positive. You do not need such rituals anymore.

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