Eight Tips For Planning Your LinkedIn Content

Social networks are fundamental tools for business success in today’s world. Undoubtedly, if a company does not have a profile on any network, its chances of success are drastically reduced. This is also true for LinkedIn, whether for individual or business profiles.

Some data helps to understand this issue: two new users join LinkedIn every second, and one in three professionals on the planet is present on this social network. It is no wonder that around 56% of companies have a profile on the platform.

But how to plan the content to have better results? If you want to get your strategy right, check out the following tips!

Invest In Content Marketing

Anyone who works in the area knows that content marketing is a strategy widely used on social networks and digital media to win customers with relevant posts and content. This also involves knowing your audience well so you can share information that interests them.

Through this strategy, brands relate to those who don’t know them yet, with leads – who are potential customers – and those who already know their work. This generally involves communication that does not first mention your products and services.

An important tip to get started is to know well and define your company’s personas. In content marketing, this concept refers to a fictional character that concerns the ideal customer related to the brand.

Develop An Inbound Strategy

It is important to note that content marketing is directly linked to Inbound Marketing. This non-traditional marketing approach also involves the SEO tool and thinking about social media strategies.

By definition, Inbound Marketing is a set of practices based on producing and sharing content with a specific audience in mind. This way, the goal is to gain permission to communicate directly with potential customers and build a relationship.

Considering all this information, you can understand that to produce relevant content on LinkedIn; you need planning and strategy. This leads us to the next tip.

Understand Your Goals

LinkedIn can be used both for promoting personal profiles aimed at working life and for promoting brands and institutions. This last type is called a company page, a business profile.

It is not enough to create posts randomly, even if the subjects are relevant. The starting point should be your specific business objective. After all, what is your company looking for on LinkedIn?

The answer is not as obvious as some people think. On LinkedIn, your brand will be seen by those who don’t know your company, potential customers, business partners and even your employees.

Therefore, we must understand what we hope to achieve and, from that, define a strategy that encompasses what to talk about, how to talk and who to talk to.

Know Your Audience

Despite being a platform with a professional and networking focus, as already mentioned, try to find out basic information — age, region of the country, branch, education — about the professionals and clients you want to communicate with. Furthermore, you may buy post shares as post shares are a very important factor to measure your LinkedIn posts’ success.

Study The Platform Features

LinkedIn is not as versatile a platform regarding available resources as Facebook. However, it allows you to post images and videos and write articles.

It is also possible to create polls, attach documents, ask and offer help, create events and share company happenings.

In addition, the social network has a unique SlideShare integration. This tool is very similar to PowerPoint from the Office suite. It can be used to share relevant data through presentations and infographics, among other possibilities.

Share Your Experiences

To engage people and connect with them, it is necessary to expose their stories and share experiences correctly. Even though it is a social network with a more serious and objective communication etiquette, sharing content that generates identification and conveys a compelling message is valid.

This means you can be vulnerable and authentic. However, pay attention to do this always with a clear objective in view. Preferably, share this type of content as a way of helping or offering a solution to a relevant issue.

Write More

As it is possible to write articles on LinkedIn, this is a social network that allows you to delve deeper into the topics covered. Therefore, you can and should better explore this possibility if you want to become a reference in your field on this platform.

Most texts on LinkedIn are under 1,000 words. However, people search this network for profiles that offer more qualified and well-crafted content.

Thus, to stand out in your area and engage in this network, it is good to think about producing texts of up to 2,000 or 3,000 words.

Encourage Your Employees

It is good practice to encourage employees to update and produce content on their profiles in the case of companies. In this sense, it is interesting that the professionals of a company dedicate themselves to filling out their profiles well, keeping them updated and associating them with the company pages.

This makes the public, in general, better understand how your business works and see the qualifications of the people who work in it. See how there’s no secret?

As shown here, LinkedIn is a valuable platform for anyone looking to strengthen their brand and grow their company. So, put these tips into practice and build a better relationship with your customers!

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