Facebook Ads: What It Is And How It Works

One above all, now the explosion of social networks is there for all to see, and there are not a few companies that have decided to shift their advertising budgets from traditional to online media.

But why is Facebook so important as a digital advertising platform?

The answer is simple and lies in the numbers: just think that over 2 billion users use Facebook, and the possibility of reaching each of these with almost surgical precision highlights the enormous potential.

In this article we will first go to answer the most common questions about Facebook Ads – such as what is it, when is it useful, how much does it cost, etc. – 

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s native platform for serving ads within it.

Since Facebook has tons of data about its users, which they spontaneously enter into their profile (e.g. age, location, interests), it has a very good idea of ​​who its users are and what they are interested in. For example, just put a like on a page related to football to let him know that you follow this sport.

You will therefore understand that the potential to submit to such users, well-defined, targeted advertisements, is enormous.

Why Advertise On Facebook?

In the past few years, social media has become one of the most effective advertising channels, capable of getting new ones lead Often translated as “contact”, a lead (contacts) and turn them into paying customers.

Facebook Ads works in both B2C and B2B , and there are many cases show an increase in results, even 5 times, after having exploited the advertising on Facebook.

Facebook’s growth is continuous, both in terms of new users and marketing opportunities, and my budget dedicated to advice on social media has doubled worldwide in the last 2 years, going from $ 16 billion in 2014 to $ 31 billion in 2016. In 2017, analysts expect a further increase of 26.3%.

Add to all this that the number of active users every day on Facebook is about 1.23 billion people in 2016 and on average each of these spends 50 minutes a day between Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. With Facebook Ads you can reach each of these users with a target highly customizable such as interests, demographics, locations, actions performed on a website, and much more.

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When To Advertise On Facebook?

So should I do Facebook Advertising?

How often this happens, the answer depends. You have to ask yourself what your goals are and once you understand the mechanisms of advertising on Facebook the answer will be obvious to you.

If you want to intercept an audience that might be interested in your product or service, Facebook Ads will certainly be for you, allowing you to submit your ads to a specific target of users.

If you have traffic on your site or E-commerce (regardless of how it was obtained), you may want to contact those users to repurpose your ads. You know when you are looking for a product and after visiting a site you go to Facebook and find its sponsored ads?

This is remarketing. You will be able to create customized user lists based on their actions, such as having visited a particular page (article, product, landing page cart, etc.) and use them for well-targeted ads.

This aspect introduces us to the concept of funnel of sale .

 It will be essential to have a clear strategy for our Facebook Ads campaign. It will be appropriate to understand where the prospect is in our sales funnel and submit different announcements depending on whether they are far or close to the purchase.

We will certainly not be able to propose to a potential customer who does not know ours Brand, the same ad that will display those who have our product in their cart but have not yet purchased it.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

How much do Facebook Ads cost? How is the price

It is the most frequently asked question in this environment, but unfortunately, there is no answer other than, even here, “it depends”.

From what you are advertising, who is your target, how many competitors they are there and what are your goals, just to name a few.

Before getting to the total costs of a Facebook campaign, it is important to understand how those costs are established. Unlike traditional advertising methods, Facebook does not have a fixed price for each positioning, but follows an auction system between advertisers to obtain the publication of the ad; this is because Facebook users can only see a limited number of Ads per day.

Various factors determine which ad will be shown, to whom it will be shown and at what cost:

  • who are you targeting;

As we will see later, the targeting possibilities are many, and depending on the target you choose, you will compete with other advertisers.

  • Your relevance score, engagement, and the click-through rate;

Facebook assigns each ad a relevance score from 1 to 10 depending on the associated target and its response. The higher the interaction and the number of clicks, the higher your score and the more likely it is that your ad will be viewed with lower costs.

  • timing;

The more competitive the sector, the higher the costs will be. There will be times of the year, such as some holidays, when costs could increase significantly.

In the case of auctions, the “bidding” strategy will play a fundamental role. You can choose from various options, but which one is best will depend on your campaign goals.

You can pay in various ways:

  • Per impression: You pay for each view of your ad

It is preferable to use this option when you want to reach as many people as possible, for example in a campaign brand awareness

  • Per click: You only pay if someone clicks on your ad

This option is preferable when we want to lead users to click on a link that will take them to the site or a specific landing page.

  • Per action: You only pay when a user takes a certain action, such as filling out a registration form, purchasing a product, or visiting a certain page.

With this option, Facebook will show ads to the people most likely to do one of these actions.

You will understand well then that answering the question “how much does it cost me?” be complex. The thing that matters is to establish a budget and manage it in the best possible way, reaching potential customers wisely and keeping an eye on the truly relevant parameters, such as the cost per conversion

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Better Facebook Ads Or Google AdWords?

This is a question they ask very often. The answer is always it depends.

We need to understand what are the goals we want to achieve with our advertising campaign. It is often essential to combine both strategies, it all depends on the type of question: whether this is latent or aware (or both).

If the goal is to do branding and therefore stimulate users who do not know us and may be interested ( latent question ), the best choice is  Facebook Ads, which will allow you, as we will see later, to reach potential customers with various types of targeted targeting and obtain leads.

Similarly, you can also take advantage of the ads on the  Google Display Network to reach potential customers by submitting your  banner on very specific positioning.

If, on the other hand, the question is aware, that is, the user is looking for your product or service, the right approach is to use  Google AdWords by creating ads on the Search Network. In this case, the user is already in a much lower part of the funnel, therefore more inclined to buy since he is looking for your product/service.

Obviously, in most cases, we will find both types of questions and we will have to work on both platforms jointly.

The key thing is to understand where the user is in our sales funnel and act accordingly, we will never tire of pointing this out.

Going into it, it will be useful to work on remarketing on users who have shown interest in the product or service by working with both Facebook Ads and AdWords through ads on the display network.

Attention:  what happens if we intercept potential customers on Facebook through FB Ads and they later look for us on Google but we are not organically positioned (without paying) for that keyword?

Simple, they will click a competitor link. The risk is therefore that of practical advertising to competitors. So you understand how important it is, in the absence of organic positioning with the SEO also have ads on the Google search network to cover some keywords.

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