Facebook Chatbot Messenger: What It Is And How Businesses Can Use It!

You already know that chatbots are a business and digital marketing trend, right? Large telephone companies, finance companies, and SAAS platforms already adopt bot technology for service and relationships with the public. These robots are increasingly “advanced”.

And if using this type of technology in a marketing and relationship strategy seems too complex for you, hold on! This can be simple! Facebook itself has its bot option in the messenger, and this can represent a leap for marketing when we talk about sales, service and relationships with the public.

In this post, we’ll explain what chatbots are, their functions (and types of use) and the main tools to create your bot on Facebook Messenger!

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What Is A Chatbot?

It wasn’t just George Jetson who harnessed the power of robotics in his everyday life. In the Futurama cartoon, Fry and his friends have the help of Bender, a robot with a questionable sense of humor.

Other works also explored this theme. Back to the Future, Westworld, Artificial Intelligence, Wall-E, and Bicentennial Man bring a universe full of technology to light.

And if that still seems too futuristic, know that many companies are already betting on bots to facilitate communication between company and consumer.

Chatbots work. They send automatic messages with various functions, which may have the purpose of serving as support, customer service, sales or interaction.

But What About The Facebook Messenger Chatbot? What Are His Functions?

Like any chatbot, the Messenger bot, or “Facebook chatbot”, can help companies on several fronts, from marketing to sales. With it, it is possible:

  • Send sequential messages to your users
  • Send files (e-books, images, gifs)
  • Sell ​​(Yeap! You can make a sales call through the bot)
  • Do SAC (creating automated conversation flows)
  • Nurturing leads etc.

Could you find out more about its main uses below?

Customer Service

The SAC page is a valuable service for companies. After all, saving costs and facilitating the visitor’s understanding of their doubts is possible.

Now, imagine that the user can type their doubts directly into a dialogue through a chat tool. Next, the robot automatically identifies the question and provides the solution. Much more practical.

It is essential to clarify that, despite their potential, bots still need to be completed for online service and interaction.

Many questions and problems will need to be resolved by humans. As Amir Shevat, from Slack, said, “Chatbots are good hammers, but not everything is a nail.” 

A well-structured and configured chatbot messenger can help reduce this work substantially and satisfactorily for the public.


Customer loyalty is possibly one of the essential values ​​in the digital world.

The after-sales service has the function of retaining the buyer and helping him with the constant doubts that arise when consuming the product or service.

A bot messenger allows queries to be resolved immediately, 24 hours daily. And, when necessary, they can redirect the user to a human attendant.


Social networks are an oasis to engage and delight followers. This is one of the premises of digital marketing. Bots can also serve for this type of interaction.

Messages for birthdays and other commemorative dates, welcome,  content disclosure, news… All of this can be done automatically and planned through chatbots.

Lead Generation

Messenger bots can also be handy when generating leads. Bot Academy’s strategy perfectly shows how to do this.

From a Landing Page, the user clicks on the CTA and, instead of filling out a form with email, name and telephone data, is directed to the Facebook chatbot, which delivers the promised content.

In addition to delivering the material, the channel opened with the company serves to send new content (which can happen at a much lower frequency than via emails) and build a relationship with the lead.

A practical, effective and fully automated way to capture and nurture leads!

Of course, by agreeing to chat access, all lead data is available to Bot Academy.

Market Research

Market research is the most consistent way to understand the audience’s habits, customs and preferences.

By performing them through conversation robots on Facebook, it is possible to obtain valuable data to adjust the site, understand the consumer’s routine, develop processes and improve the quality of products and services.

Appointments And Reservations

Several types of business require reservations: travel agencies, law firms, concessionaires, restaurants, and medical clinics, among others.

A bot on Facebook Messenger can facilitate this process. With it, the customer only needs to get in touch and make an appointment. Simple, fast and practical!


In addition to answering questions, delivering discount coupons and suggesting new products, you can use the Facebook chatbot to direct users to your sales pages.

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