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Gramhir is one of the leading Instagram viewers available online. The main Instagram app does not allow users to download images, reels, and stories of other users. 

The non-Instagram users cannot access the content without having an account on the app. In such cases, Gramhir, a web-based IG viewer platform, allows anyone to view the content of various Instagram public accounts for free.

Third-party tools like Gramhir made viewing and analyzing Instagram accounts easy. Gramhir helps to assess one’s brand exposure in public and to view contemporary businesses’ strategies. was once known by the name Gramho and is used to view desired IG profiles without creating an account on Instagram. It is useful to download photos and videos of celebrities in good picture quality.

In this article, We have explained the performance of Gramhir and its best alternatives for accessing various public IG accounts.

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What Is Gramhir?

Gramhir, earlier known as Gramho, is an online tool for viewing and analyzing IG profiles without logging in. You can check out all the public Instagram accounts of celebrities, brands, online businesses, companies, magazines, and other popular and well-known public profiles. 

It provides free access to download desired content like images or other posts from public IG profiles. This tool helps to analyse the performance or statistics of your profile or other competitors. The algorithm helps to assess the account rate, which is the popularity of your profile on Instagram. 

It predicts the number of likes you may get for a post on Instagram, and the software tool also shows the most famous and influential Instagram profiles on the website’s main page.

The special feature of Gramhir, or Instagram Analytics Utility, summarises impressions of the public accounts when you enter their usernames as a matter of interest. 

Using this tool, you can estimate your account’s performance and assess the statistics of other users’ accounts. Besides analyzing the statistical data, you can also download your favourite posts and stories of public IG profiles.

Gramhir has an amazing web design and convenient functionality. The easy-to-use interface is one of the attributes of Gramhir, formerly known as Gramho. However, the user interface is the same as the previous one. To access the website, copy & paste the url on any browser

Best Features Of Gramhir Instagram Viewer

Let us look at the key characteristics of Gramhir.

Analyses The Stats Of Your Account

The Gramhir website is an analyzer and viewer which analyses the statistics of your accounts through an algorithm known as the account score. It reveals the popularity of an IG account on Instagram. You will also get a comparison of your account with other IG accounts.

Predicts The Number Of Likes And Followers

This tool predicts the number of likes, comments, and followers you may get for the newly uploaded posts on your account. 

View Public Instagram Accounts Anonymously

Gramhir has an Analytics Utility feature on its website that allows users to view content on any public IG platform without creating an account. It lets you watch their stories, posts such as photos and videos without revealing your identity. 

You can get complete details regarding the posts, followers, comments they get to their posts, stories, reels, and locations of desired public accounts. You can also search for them using different hashtags. You can upload your photos and videos using this tool.

Download Instagram Photos, Reels, And Stories For Free

You can anonymously download unlimited photos, reels, and stories of your favourite public Instagram accounts to your device for free. The original Instagram does not allow you to access anything on Instagram without creating an account, nor does it provide an option to download anything from the app. 

You can only access the account by logging in with credentials like username and password. So, in such typical cases, Instagram viewer tools like Gramhir allow you to view and download content from public profiles in unaltered video quality. You need not register on the site to view or download photos, videos, and stories.

When a person views an Instagram story, the story uploader can see who viewed their story. Anybody can watch stories uploaded by public accounts. So they can quickly come to know who viewed their story. 

However, you can view anybody’s IG story without their knowledge using Gramhir. And also, the story stays for 48 hours on Gramhir, but it only stays for 24 hours on Instagram.

So you can access the content anonymously and download your favorite photos, videos, and stories.

How Does Gramhir Instagram Viewer Work? is one of the best Instagram viewer and analyzer tools with top-notch features. Its easy-to-use interface and efficient results make it a Go-To website for many. It provides anonymity while accessing the IG profiles of public accounts. It is compatible with all devices. It is easy to access. Accessing content on a public IG account using Gramhir is very simple. Gramhir works as follows.

  • To begin with, open on a web browser.
  • Now enter the username or hashtag of the IG account you want to access in the search space and click the search option.
  • You will get details and data of the required username or hashtag.
  • Check the content on the profile.
  • If you want to download any post you like on the profile, click on the post.
  • A new page will open where you have the download button in blue colour in the right corner of the post.
  • Click on the blue download button to download the post to your device.

Top 10 Best Sites To Gramhir

Multiple Instagram viewer and analyzer tools are available online. They help you access your favourite IG accounts rapidly and secretly. Not only the general audience but Instagram influencers also use these analyzer tools to assess their accounts’ scores and popularity among the public.

Instagram influencers and others want to make an impact and create an identity for themselves by posting interesting and influential posts on their accounts. So they want to know what content strategy they should implement to get more likes, comments, and followers for their posts. Here are some of the best alternatives to Gramhir.

#1. Picuki

It is a good replacement for Gramhir. Picuki allows its users to view and edit IG posts and stories of IG public accounts. You can browse your favorite IG profiles, their followers, and the comments they get on their posts.  

#2. Imginn

Using Imginn, you can secretly view the most popular celebrity IG photos, reels, and stories. Download and save them on your device.

#3. Instaxyz

Instaxyz is a free IG viewer and analyzer tool with which you can download the desired posts of the people you like. You can also analyze the metrics of various public profiles.

#4. Kicksta

Kiksta is a reliable option for those who want to improve their IG followers with a workable strategy. It provides metrics that help you provide interesting content that attracts more followers. You can connect with more audiences without using fake followers.

#5. IG Stories

IG Stories is another ideal alternative to Gramhir, which facilitates its users to access content on Public IG accounts anonymously.

#6. Hype Auditor

Hype Auditor provides data and metrics that help improve their brands and businesses by posting attractive content. It also provides comparative data with other competitors and analyzes the popularity of other influencers.

#7. Greatfon

It is a great option to view and download Instagram stories, photos, and videos of other influencers anonymously.

#8. SmiHub

SmiHub is an advanced IG accounts analytical app many people use. Anybody can access their favorite influencers’ videos, photos, followers, stories, likes, and comments. And download the desired content to your devices.

#9. Picnob

Search for your favorite celebrities’ IG posts and stories secretly with usernames and hashtags on Picnob.

#10. InstaNavigation

InstaNavigation is a more effective IG story viewer compared to Gramhir. The IG stories stay up to 48 hours on this website. You can view and download them anonymously without creating an account.

Pros And Cons Of Gramhir


  • Gramhir has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • Search for your favorite IG accounts easily with their usernames or hashtags.
  • You can view or access the content on the desired IG accounts without logging into your IG account.
  • Gramhir is free to access.


  • Gramhir is a third-party website that may not be fully reliable. Using third-party websites to view posts and stories from your device may pose potential risks to your data.
  • Instagram blocks third-party websites like Gramhir from accessing its website due to privacy breaches.
  • Some people use websites like Gramhir to download posts of others for inappropriate purposes, which is illegal.

Is Gramhir Safe And Legit To Use?

Gramhir is a free Instagram viewer and analyzer that lets its users access content on various IG public accounts without registration. You can use Gramhir effortlessly. You will get various metrics of your posts, such as the number of likes and followers you may get to the posts you upload, your account popularity, etc. 

So far, there have been no complaints about safety issues while using Gramhir. However, using third-party websites like Gramhir may jeopardize your data and put you at risk. So be cautious while using Gramhir.

Final Say

In a nutshell, Gramhir is a popular Instagram viewer and analyzer tool that lets you access the content of your favorite IG accounts anonymously. We have also mentioned the best alternatives to Gramhir with similar features. 

However, using third-party apps or websites to access Instagram accounts is not legit. Accessing Instagram accounts without registration is against the terms and conditions of the platform. So they take down websites like Gramhir that encourage such activity.

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