How Do Casinos Make Money On High RTP Slot Games?

If land-based casinos and online casinos didn’t have an edge over their players, they wouldn’t be able to make any money and would quickly go out of business, which is why games have the odds they do. 

To keep things fair, casino operators, software providers, and game development studios who produce and supply games to online casinos don’t have a massive edge over players; otherwise, people simply wouldn’t bother playing. 

Each game you play has an average Return To Player percentage (RTP%) payout rate, which essentially tells us, on average, how much of a player’s stake is expected to be returned. 

Let’s dive straight in and take a closer look at how payout rates are calculated and how casino operators still make money on high RTP slots – online slot machines with above-average payout rates. 

What is RTP, and why does it matter?

In short, and mathematically speaking, online slots (or any other online casino games, for that matter) with above average or high RTP% payout rates are more likely to pay than low RTP games. 

This is why you still find many online casino players who actively seek out the best RTP slots on the market and avoid the worst RTP slots with low or below-average RTP payout rates. In the iGaming industry, low RTP is considered anything lower than 93.00%. 

Average payout rates are considered around 93.00% to 98.00, and high RTP payout rates are 98.00% or above. The higher the RTP payout rate, the better it is for players, but it still doesn’t guarantee you will win more. 

Don’t forget that although advanced mathematical algorithm programs produce pre-determined results using frequently tested Random Number Generators (RNGs), winning is still random. 

In other words, although it is an excellent strategy for savvy players who only stick to playing slots with above-average or high RTP payout rates, the advantage isn’t massively in their favour, and they aren’t ever guaranteed to win more, which is extremely important to remember. 

Another way of looking at it is to say that a high RTP slot has a 98.26% payout rate. Theoretically speaking, if you spend $/€/£100 on this game, with a payout rate like this, you would be expected to receive $/€/£98.26 back in winnings, but it doesn’t always work like this. 

Which online slot machines currently have a high or above-average RTP% payout rate in 2024?

If you still only want to play online slots with a high or above-average RTP% payout rate in 2024, in my opinion, some of the most popular online slot machines you may want to check out when you next play at any of the fully licensed and regulated online casinos currently featured on the globally renowned Johnslots iGaming review site are the following games from various award-winning providers:

  • Slot name: 1429 Uncharted Seas. Software provider: Thunderkick. RTP% payout rate: 98.60%
  • Slot name: Money Cart. Software provider: Relax Gaming. RTP% payout rate: 98.00%
  • Slot name: Maya Gold. Software provider: Play Digital IGT. RTP% payout rate: 98.44%
  • Slot name: Rainbow Riches. Software provider: Barcrest/Light & Wonder. RTP% payout rate: 98.00%
  • Slot name: Blood Suckers. Software provider: NetEnt. RTP% payout rate: 98.00%
  • Slot name: Ooh Aah Dracula. Software provider: Barcrest. RTP% payout rate: 99.00%
  • Slot name: Jokerizer. Software provider: Yggdrasil Gaming. RTP% payout rate: 98.00%
  • Slot name: Guns N’ Roses. Software provider: NetEnt. RTP% payout rate: 96.98%
  • Slot name: Fishin’ Frenzy – Power 4 Slots. Software provider: Reel Time Gaming/Blueprint Gaming. RTP% payout rate: 96.06%

There are many other examples, too. If you want to know the average RTP% payout rate information before playing a game, all you have to do is head to the game’s paytable. 

How do casinos still make money on high RTP slot games?

Even if an online slot machine has a 99.80% RTP payout rate, the casino will still make money out of that game, but not as much money as they make from low RTP slot games.

For example, if players spent $/€/£100 on a game with a 99.80% RTP payout rate, the players would receive $/€/£99.80 back in winnings, and the remaining 0.2% (or $/€/£0.20) would go to the casino operator as revenue. 

The thing to remember is that millions of people play online casino games today. There might be over one million people playing the same game as you at any given moment. So although the 0.2% house edge ($/€/£0.20 profit) doesn’t seem like much, it all adds up over longer periods, which is how the online casino business model is set up. 

They ensure a steady profit over an extended period, whereas low RTP slots earn them more revenue in the same amount of time. I used to consider a game’s RTP before playing and would avoid low RTP games, but I don’t bother doing that anymore. 

If I like the look of a game and enjoy playing, I will carry on playing regardless of whether it has a low or high RTP payout rate. 

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