How Does An Access Control System For Companies Work?

Understand what it does and how to implement an automated security and access control system for your company.

What does the access control system do? It ensures easy and simplified entry to people and vehicles duly authorized to certain places and prevents access by unauthorized people.

Physical access control is nothing more than the entire application of procedures or equipment that offers total management over whether or not to allow people, vehicles, and goods to enter a specific location. Its primary function is to ensure that all people live in a peaceful and safe environment.

The same strategy can be used to restrict entry to certain areas of the company, such as in places where the risk of accidents is more significant or where there is strategic information for the development of the business.

There are several ways to ensure the protection of a company. Having a person to check badges and grant access to each employee is impractical, depending on the size of the company, and that’s where one of the functions of the access control system comes in. There, the employee is identified and has free access through the identification of badges, turnstiles, biometrics, and other means.

Access Control

Access control is a well-known format for controlling people’s entry and exit. But in addition to managing credentials within a given location to ensure that only authorized people circulate within the company, the software can be formatted in such a way that different people have permission or not for specific locations within the company, preventing, for example, that an unauthorized person enters areas with restricted access due to the risk of a work accident or regions that have high-value goods, thus keeping the spaces controlled.

Through integration with HR systems (HCM), it is also possible to restrict access according to the working day, delimiting entry and exit times to avoid

unauthorized overtime and control working hours, in addition to blocking access for people on vacation, medical certificates, or leave.

Virtual Credentials And Self-Service

Today, with the help of technology, it is possible that even access badges become virtual credentials. This format uses technologies such as Bluetooth and QR code, increasing security for the company and reducing badge issuing costs. The virtual certificate facilitates the daily routines of reception and speeds up the access release process.

The self-service terminal made up of tablets or totems, facilitates and speeds up the withdrawal of credentials to access the company’s areas. This type of facilitator can be used with facial recognition and cognitive intelligence. With self-service, it is possible to reduce waiting lines at the reception, optimize employees’ time for less mechanical tasks, and still offer a differentiated experience to the employee, customer, or visitor.

Vehicle Access Ordinance And Fleet Management

With the vehicle access ordinance, it is possible to automatically guarantee the entry and exit of vehicles for employees, third parties, visitors, and the loading and unloading of trucks. From the registration of license plates, the car has free access through the recognition of the data in a technological and streamlined way. This access control model also allows road-scale integration, reducing possible inconvenience.

Security Supervision And Incident Management

Using technological tools, it is possible to control spaces and potential incidents through integrated tools that facilitate company monitoring and security. Quality supervision makes it possible to locate people within the company, without any patrol, only through sensors and cameras. Unifying information in just one tool, such as access controls, alarms, images, and devices, is possible.

Through incident management, it is possible to guarantee, through alarms, sensors, door controllers, and cameras, the security of the controlled areas of the property in real-time. It is possible to hire solutions with management panels that offer a complete view of events through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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