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How Technology Can Improve The Workplace At Home

It has been quiet in offices around the world for more than a year. The coronavirus has paralyzed public life and thus significantly restricted the work of most companies. For self-employed people who already work from home, the so-called home office is nothing new, but many others working in their own four walls are still new territory. Fortunately, you don’t need too much to create a workplace, because thanks to the laptop, it is possible to conjure up an office almost anywhere from a small table and a comfortable chair. A small corner of the living room or one end of the kitchen table can be quickly repurposed with a bit of creativity. In addition to the right place, there are also a few technical aids that can significantly improve the work from home. As a bit of orientation for newbies and as a suggestion for old professionals, we have put together a few of the best products for the workplace at home.


Without question, security is one of the most critical aspects of working in the home office. It is not without reason that employers worry about important company data because it is usually not stored as securely on private computers as it is on the servers at company headquarters. It can also be a tricky thing for employees to use their home Internet connection on behalf of a company, as their data can potentially be compromised.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is one of the most common means of strengthening the anonymity and security of users in the network today. VPN connection hides the IP address, which makes it much more challenging to locate geographically. This function is particularly suitable for employees in customer service, for example, as it helps to protect their privacy when they communicate with customers of their employer via their private Internet connection.

In addition, users can log in “virtually” from other locations, which can be extremely useful for travel bookings or price comparisons. If you’re wondering about the extra budget you’ll need for getting a top-rated VPN, don’t worry – grab these great VPN deals and save money on safety.”

External Monitor

As practical as the laptop may be a tool, most people who work with it are fundamentally unhealthy. The classic laptop posture is crooked and bent over and leads to a painful neck stiffness after a few hours at the latest. In the long term, this posture can also lead to severe problems and should therefore be avoided at all costs. A particularly effective way to counteract this unhealthy posture is to use an external monitor, as this helps to raise the user’s gaze automatically. Instead of staring down at a small image, ideally, you are looking straight ahead with an external monitor, which will reduce the curvature of your spine.

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Active Noise-Canceling HeadPhones

Immensely few people benefit from a completely quiet workplace. From construction sites and From street noise to the children playing in the next room, working in the home office also means a higher level of noise exposure for many people. Headphones with active noise cancellation are an effective and compact tool against annoying background noise. A few years ago, still, an insider tip among frequent fliers and students, these headphones equipped with Bluetooth can also filter out loud noises from their surroundings.

Desk With Adjustable Height

A few years ago, the so-called “standing desk,” a desk where people work standing up, was particularly popular with young start-up companies from the USA – especially in the home office. In the meantime, the concept has been developed a little further, and several providers now offer automatic desks that can be adjusted in height using built-in servomotors. Working while standing ensures, among other things, better blood circulation, which is said to be particularly helpful for concentration. Thanks to the built-in automation of the new models, it is possible to switch from a standing position to a sitting position within seconds without having to clear the table every time.

USB Multi-Connector

Every device today has what feels like half a dozen associated cables. Especially in the work area, printers, scanners, mobile phones, and hard drives often have to be connected to the same computer at the same time and fail here because of the notoriously scarce USB ports. In addition, the bulges of different cables form an unsightly salad on the desk. USB multi-plugs, also known as USB hubs, can connect several devices to the same computer via a single connection, thus saving time with constant reconnecting. If you click a large number of devices or use particularly power-hungry devices for work, you can also get a multi-plug fed by its power cable. Externally powered USB hubs have the advantage that full performance is guaranteed, even if several devices are running simultaneously.

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