How To Call A No Caller Id Or Private Number Back ( 5 Simple Methods)

In this blog post, we will give you detailed steps on how to call back a no-caller id or a private number when you receive one.

The mobile phone has become a part of our body lately, without which one cannot do anything. We have a great deal with our mobile phones in our daily lives. Mobile phones have cut many barriers and brought a modern approach to communication. Talking to others has become swift and simple through the phones. 

All we need is a phone number through which we will be able to call a person. Whenever we get a call on our mobile phone, we check for the caller ID first. Caller ID is the phone number that appears on our mobile phone’s screen. 

Thus, we will have an idea of the person who called or about the phone provider or sometimes the caller’s location from the country code in the number. However, sometimes we may get unknown or private or restricted or blocked, or no-caller ID incoming calls.  

When you see no caller ID calls on your phone screen, what would your first thought be? Would you not like to know who called you? Yes, we all have that curiosity but may not know the method. Getting a call from a private number or an unknown caller is unusual and troublesome. 

We prefer to avoid receiving calls from private or anonymous, or blocked numbers, so we may not attend the call from such numbers immediately. But if you want to know which number and who is calling you, please read further.

You may not know the process of how to call back a no-caller ID or private number. Don’t worry. It is not impossible to unmask an unknown number. Here in this article, we will tell you the ways.

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What Is A Private Number?

When you get an incoming call from a caller whose number is not displayed on your mobile phone’s screen but instead you get phrases like Private Number, Unknown Number, or Blocked Number shown on the screen, it means the caller doesn’t want to let you know his identity.

It indicates that the caller has configured the settings on his phone so that the receiver should not know your number. You can also set your number to private by changing specific settings on your mobile phone. The Phone Providers may charge you some amount to activate this type of plan for you.

Apart from making all your outgoing calls private or hiding your identity, a few network carriers provide the facility to block your identity for the desired call only. Many think attending incoming calls from private or unknown numbers is unsafe as they might be spammy, annoying telemarketing, pitches, cyber traps, etc.

How To Call Back A No-Caller ID Or Private Number?

If you get a Private Number on your mobile phone, you have every right to know the phone number even though the privacy of the number is not displayed for legal concerns. We want to let you know various ways of revealing and calling the private number through which you received too many calls. So, stay tuned and read further to discover the possible methods to get to know the private number that has a no-caller id.

Method 1: Make A Return Call Using *69 or #69.

Dialing your last number using *69 or #69 is known as the Last Call Return Code. It is a North American Numbering Plan Administration’s Universal Vertical Service Code. This code is not applicable in every country. 

The call return service depends on where you live. In the US, dial *69 to call back the number you received last on your landlines, or dial #69 to call back the recent private number you received on your mobile phones.

You must make the call back before the time limit set by your phone provider, as it generally lasts up to 30 minutes from the most recent call. In some cases, this method only helps you to call back the person but does not reveal the caller ID or phone number. 

You will know the identity of the caller when that person attends the call. But if the caller doesn’t answer, you may receive a voicemail providing clues about the caller.

Different service providers have different ways of providing information about the private number. For instance, some providers return the private call when you call back using the code but do not reveal the phone number, whereas some phone providers reveal the phone number and also have the option to call back the private number through an auto-generated voice.

But we want to warn our readers as this method might push them into more trouble. It may drive the condition worse in some cases. It is because some private incoming calls are computer generated. 

Such calls are aimed at knowing whether the mobile number is active. Thus, if they come to know that your number is active and working, they sell your contact information to hackers and scammers. So be avid of such unknown calls.

Method 2. Check The Phone Provider’s Call Logs

If you cannot find the called ID of the private number through the first method, you can get it by checking your call logs list. Your network provider has the complete list of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls for your number. If you ask for the call list in your monthly statement, they will provide the phone numbers of the calls you dialled and received.

Sometimes your call logs list has the phone numbers of the private calls you received. If you remember the date and time on which you received the unknown number and verify with the call records of your service provider, then you will know the anonymous caller’s identity. This is a workable technique to reveal the private number.

Generally, the service providers save the call logs of their users for up to seven years. But the duration may vary depending upon the service provider. They save the data for criminal investigations and various other purposes.

Method 3: Search For The Number In Google Or Yellow Pages Through Reverse Number Lookup

If any of the first two methods have helped in finding the phone number of the unknown caller, then you can try the reverse phone lookup method to know more about the caller before making a call. 

All you need to do is enter the number in Google search or through the Yellow Pages to discover whether the phone is a landline or a cellular phone and also the location where the phone number is registered.

To get the complete details about the phone number, sometimes you may be asked to pay a certain amount which is refundable if the lookup service cannot give you the information about the caller’s identity. 

Having said that, if the unknown number is a spoof, the lookup service will not be able to provide the details but will leave a clue that you are receiving spammy or computer-generated calls.

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Method 4: Use Third-Party Apps To Find Out The Unknown Number

You may not have time to sit and perform detailed research about the private numbers you receive on your phone in your busy schedule. At the same time, receiving calls from unknown numbers is annoying. 

To ease the process, you can take the help of some third-party apps that help to reveal private numbers, unknown numbers, or blocked/restricted calls. The third-party apps charge a certain amount for their service to unmask a private number.

TrapCall is one service that helps reveal the caller’s identity of private, unknown, restricted numbers. This third-party app provides details like the phone number of the caller, and on which name of the registered owner, the owner’s address, and also a blocklist option to prevent calls from coming in the future from the same private number. 

You can download and install the TrapCall app on your smartphone. It is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. TrapCall is a subscription-based service, but it offers a free trial.

Truecaller is a top-rated third-party app with amazing features like call screening and blocking. Installing it on your device reveals the identity of the blocked, spammy, or unknown caller IDs and alerts you even before you attend the call. To get the premium services, you should take their subscription.

Method 5: Use Call Tracing Methods With The Help Of The Phone Provider

When you continuously receive harassing, threatening, or obscene calls, you can use call tracing or call tracking methods with the help of your service provider and the law enforcement team. Some phone service providers help you to trace and stop unwanted calls through call tracing or call-tracking services.

After receiving an unwanted private call, dial *57 from your mobile phone and listen to the instructions carefully. As soon as the service provider traces the private number, they will inform you with the details like the caller’s name, address, and phone number. Some service providers may charge a small monthly amount to use this service, and some may provide it for free.

This service is helpful if you are already facing harassment from an unknown caller at least thrice. You should note the dates and times you received the calls with proof. Then you can contact the law enforcement agency in your area or your phone service provider. You will get the required help from them.

Final Say

In this article, we provided various ways to call back a no-caller ID. You can try the Last Call Return Code method, verify the call logs list, use a dedicated third-party app, or even use a call tracing service to reveal the caller’s identity. You have the legal right to know who is stalking or harassing you. You can also use third-party apps to block or prevent restricted calls from coming. Thus, you can avoid becoming a victim of cyber frauds and scams that put your privacy and personal data in trouble.

Please let us know if you have tried any of the above-mentioned methods to unmask a private number and share your experience with us.

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