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How To Find Out If They’ve Blocked You On Telegram

After discussing with a friend, you noticed that for some weeks, he no longer replies to your messages on Telegram, the well-known instant messaging service that you often use to send photos, files, or simple messages to friends and relatives. For days you have been trying to understand what could have happened and why your contact seems to be constantly offline, but to date, you have not concluded. A very plausible hypothesis is that the person in question has blocked you. Have you thought about it?

Even on Telegram, it is possible to ban a person, which is why the doubt that grips you is undoubtedly legitimate. In this guide, I will explain how to find out if they have blocked you on Telegram. Don’t worry; you can take a few simple steps to clear away any doubts in a matter of minutes. You will see that seeing if you have been blocked is much easier than you imagine.

The topic we are talking about is scorching, and I have already addressed it in the past for other social networks that allow you to block users. I explained to you how to do it on Instagram, the famous social network with the colored Polaroid icon that will enable you to publish Stories, photos, videos, and Reels daily. Also, I’ve given you all the steps to find out on WhatsApp, the instant messaging app we all use to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues.

How To Know If They Have Blocked You On Telegram

No specific function can help you understand if you have been blocked on Telegram by some contact, but you can collect some valuable clues to support your thesis. Here are some to keep an eye on if you suspect someone has blocked you on the popular instant messaging application. Let’s see which clues to follow to get the most precise and defined picture of the situation.

There can be various reasons why someone is late in answering you. The first could be that the person in question is particularly busy and doesn’t have time to open the Telegram chat and reply to your messages. The first advice I want to give you is to try calling your contact to ask for explanations. If you do not intend to call or have already tried without having the result you were hoping for, I invite you to follow my tips.

Chat And Connection Time

The first element that could arouse the suspicion of being blocked on Telegram is the chat. Take a look at the chat with the contact of your interest. As in the case of WhatsApp, the double check mark can make us understand whether the contact has read your message or not. If the messages you sent show only one check mark and not the canonical two that indicate reading, it means that what you have forwarded has not been read.

Finding a single sign indicates that your message has reached the recipient’s device but does not indicate that it has been read. Suppose you have been sending messages in chat for days or even weeks without ever receiving a reply, and you notice the presence of a single check. In that case, some possible solutions exist: the recipient is ignoring you on purpose, has not yet opened Telegram, or has blocked you.

Try to contact him from another phone or ask a friend to get him on Telegram to understand if the problem occurs with everyone or only with you. In addition, you can monitor the login time that appears at the top of the chat immediately below the user’s name. If the one you last logged in does not appear, there is a good chance that you have been blocked.

Profile Picture

Another thing not to be underestimated when trying to figure out if a person you haven’t heard from for a while has blocked you on Telegram is the profile picture set on the messaging platform. If the profile picture no longer appears, even in this case, you can seriously think that you have been blocked, and your doubt could be a factual truth if combined with other valuable clues.

If you have noticed that the person in question previously had a photo, and now as the Telegram profile picture, there are the initials of his name, something is not going as it should. If the image you chose as the profile picture that was once visible to you is no longer visual, perhaps you should start to worry and seriously consider the possibility of being blocked.

Also, in this case, there may be other plausible explanations, the first of all is that the contact has decided to delete his profile photo, so I invite you also to consider the different points of this guide.

Try Making A Call

If you want to remove all doubts, another step to try is to make a call directly from the application you downloaded on your Android or iOS mobile device. How? Calling a contact using Telegram is very simple. You can choose a voice call or a video call. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Telegram app
  • Open the chat of your interest
  • Tap on the user’s name
  • Press the Call button or the Video button

If the call fails and is not completed due to connection problems, there is something wrong, and most likely, the contact has blocked you, preventing you from tracing it using the app. If Telegram does not allow you to initiate the call and the other clues I have given you also coincide, I’m sorry to tell you, but you have been blocked!


In this article,We  have explained how to find out if you have been blocked on Telegram through a straightforward and quick procedure that you can implement directly from your Android or iOS mobile device on which you have downloaded the well-known instant messaging application similar to WhatsApp.

There are several hypotheses to take into consideration when a person does not respond to our messages; it is possible that he has finished the data traffic and cannot connect to the Internet or that he is going through a hectic period that does not allow him to spend a lot of time behind the mobile phone. . Don’t jump to conclusions immediately but also consider the possibility of being blocked by the contact in question.

I hope I have all the information, directions, and advice you need. The good old word remains one of the ways to understand what happened to a person if he has long been rejecting your calls and not responding to your messages. He tries to inform you through mutual friends; if nothing has happened between you, I don’t see why he must have blocked you. Sometimes we would all like to take a detox from our cell phones. Is it possible that this is also the case with your friend? Never say never. I have to say hello and wish you good luck!

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