How to Get More Engaged Banking Customers With Push Notifications

In today’s era, using iOS push notifications to engage with users is very common. Everyone has smartphones, and they get so many notifications every day. Hence, what are the best approaches for push notifications to make sure that your message is heard?

If you are from the banking sector then this blog is for you where you will understand how to increase app engagement with push notifications.

What is Push Notification?

Push Notification is a short message that pops up on a user’s mobile device. It is sent by app publishers to users anytime. Users can see it even on the lock screen. Users can be anywhere on the browser and still receive notifications as long as they are online or have their browsers running on their devices.

What do Users Have to Say?

Push notification is an excellent approach to answer a user’s concerns in real time. Because push notifications are delivered directly to the user’s mobile device, these are not captured by spam filters like those used in emails. Hence, Push notification is a highly successful tool to reach users. 

Push Notifications Can Help You Increase Your Mobile Engagement

Push notifications are a direct connection to your customer’s smartphone. To increase the adoption rates of this channel, you must learn how to interact with customers while not negatively damaging their experience with your service.

How to Take Your Banking App on Top Position in the Market with Push Notifications

Always keep in mind, sending timely and correct messages to customers makes them feel important and gives them a reason to respond to your notifications.

Here are certain tips which you can follow to make your push notifications stand out in the tough competition:

Find Right Users

The first tip for you is to target the right customers. Whether you’re sending notifications to customers about their accounts details and reminding them of bill payments. Here you should know whether you are notifying the right person or not. It is very crucial here. You should target the right user and for this, create user personas that will help you to target customers easily.

Dynamic messaging that is specifically made to the user’s requirements also enhances engagement as it shows users that you are interested in providing the experience.

Send Notifications Timely

Time management is crucial  for push notifications. Hence, if you want more and more customers to get engaged with your bank then send notifications timely as it not only boosts the involvement of customers with banks but also ensures that provided information is current as well as correct.

Users will appreciate timed reminders like that their credit cards will expire in 30 days or their monthly statements are ready for their review.

Security Alerts

Privacy and security are top concerns for digital banking consumers. Send security alerts to users if any suspicious activity happens across their accounts so that they can take the proper action to protect their accounts. This strategy will give users peace of mind and improve trust in your financial institutions.

Testing the Notifications

Bankers, if you want customers to use your app for a long time then you should test the notifications before reaching customers. Rigorous testing is necessary because if there will be an issue in personalization, messaging or content then you can not keep your customers engaged with your app. 

Banking Interactions

Most mobile banking apps have some form of in-built secure messaging in the platform but it is difficult to give responses to customers in real time. Push can easily notify users that a team is available for them. This will help customers to keep trust in your services. Push notifications allow users to stay in contact with their customer relationship teams while they are engaged in other work. Send a push when a customer gets a secure message in the app or send a reminder before a scheduled video call with the bank to avoid conversation delays.

If your banks provide 24/7 hours support, push notification is the best way to reach out to users who are having busy schedules. In this way, users are less likely to miss the messages because they do not need to open the app to search for replies.

Build a Better Banking Experience

Being able to add value to the online banking experience with push notifications have a direct influence on your ability to retain customers long term. Once you understand the best practices of Push notifications then you can engage more customers with your banks.


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