How To Prevent Ransomware Attacks On Companies?

Businesses of all sizes should regularly apply and test preventive measures against cyber attacks. Learn about some precautions against ransomware attacks.

Constant Monitoring

As ransomware tactics evolve, companies must run regular cybersecurity tests and assessments to adapt to ever-changing environments. This can be through installed firewalls or even through a human firewall.

Investment In Backup Solutions

Backing up data in a cloud program is one of the easiest ways to mitigate ransomware risks. In the event of an attack, users can clean the computer and then reinstall the backed-up files.

Train Your Team

Employees must be trained to spot phishing emails and other signs of a ransomware attack. Also, ensure they are trained, know what to look for when it comes to phishing scams, and be diligent about updating their passwords and cybersecurity best practices.

Investment In Antivirus Solutions

Antivirus and antimalware software are the most common preventative measures to defend against ransomware attacks. These programs can scan, detect and respond to cyber threats. 

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Another way to protect your systems is to limit users’ access and permissions to only the data they need to do their work. You can prevent ransomware from spreading across a company’s systems.

Filter. EXE Files In Emails

Many malicious programs are installed on the computer after the user installs them. EXE files, thinking that he is downloading a program that appears to be safe. You can configure your email box to filter messages with this type of file and, whenever you receive it, make sure that the source is reliable.

Disable RDP

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a feature that allows one computer to connect to another through a network so that the first one can be controlled remotely. One way to avoid ransomware is to disable RDP on a device.

What Can HR Do To Help?

By implementing tight integration across departments, forms of training, monitoring policies, and communicating about cybersecurity, the HR department can significantly reduce the risk of company data breaches.

If you still need to put these measures in place, talk to your teams to learn what and who security measures should protect, what they can do, and why it’s essential.

Main Types Of Ransomware

Attacks are not always the same. Ransomware can come in many forms, and some can be more dangerous than others. So knowing what type of ransomware you’re dealing with is the first step in planning a response plan. 

At the same time, a good understanding of the different types of ransomware helps your company plan preventive measures and reduce the risk of further attacks. Here are the four most common types of ransomware your team needs to know.


Blockers restrict computer usage. The attacker makes it possible to work or use essential functions once the ransom is paid.


Encryption is the most common type of ransomware. The attacker encrypts data, making it impossible to unlock without a decryption key.

Dox Ware

Doxware is an attack that threatens to leak personal or company information unless the fine is paid.


Scareware seeks to scare users into purchasing unnecessary software. Ads can flood the screen, forcing users to pay to remove them.

How Important Is The LGPD For Companies?

Since the General Data Protection Law ( LGPD ) came into effect, companies have a series of parameters to ensure the security of data collected from their customers, partners and suppliers. 

The legislation also establishes penalties for companies that must adopt primary data security measures in the digital environment. Ransomware attacks, for example, can come from failures in these security measures.


A ransomware attack is a severe threat. But, by adopting the leading security and prevention measures, companies can minimize the risk of a possible attack. By following the tips in this article, your company can protect itself from the dangers of ransomware attacks. 

It is important to remember that no security measures are perfect and that even companies that take all necessary precautions can still be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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