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IG Panel or IGPanel Net is one of the most essential tools used for Instagram. So many big influencers want to have likes and followers to have engagement that helps the products they collaborate with.

Instagram is one of the most used social media. Nearly 3.8 billion worldwide are active on Instagram. A panel is a rarely found tool and is very useful in increasing the followers and likes of an Instagram account.

Now, in this article, let us know more and learn some of the features of the panel and also find out if any alternate apps are there like the panel.

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What Is An IG Panel?

A social media growth tool that helps boost the influencer’s account engagement. This also helps in voting and brand promotions with new digital age collaborations.

Increasing in followers or increasing in likes by these tools is not available for free like no social media marketing is free these days.

IG Panel or IGPanel Net application is more practical and can be used very well by hardcore users of Instagram. Now let’s see some information about the panel net application:

  • IG Panel net latest version is 2.3
  • Its App size is 60MB
  • Its requirement in the Android version is Android 5.0+
  • Its rating is 4.2
  • It has more than !00k downloads
  • Its last update was in 2023

Outstanding Features Of IG Panel

  • Followers Increase

By using Panel Net, the users can increase their followers in real-time and can access them for free and unlimited using a website or application without any human or mail verification.

  • SMM Services

With low-cost services, they can provide a wide range of votes and promote the brand by engaging the vents conducted by the brand.

  • Less Time

In less time, this service can provide views, likes, and many more for free. Original and organic likes are also available with unlimited services.

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How Does Organic Engagement Work On Instagram?

As long as these tools are there, the influencers do not need to worry, but there is also a way to boost the engagement in users’ accounts organically.  No let’s see what techniques are helpful:

Promoting On Other Platforms

Not only focusing on Instagram, the influencers must focus on promoting their brand on various social media platforms so that they can check out what kind of options this brand provides and what importance to the people seeing these promotions.

Collaborating With Other Influencers

Users must collaborate with other influencers who have required followers so that they can promote a brand. This can be one of the best options to boost the brand quickly and with the most views.

Post Regularly

Posting regularly and being active on social media makes viewers that you are not dull, and they would like to interact with your posts and likes. Add stories and interact with some of the fans or viewers you have.

High-Quality Content

By giving high-quality content to your viewers, they will not have any disturbances while viewing your content. The quality of the video or photo makes viewers interested in seeing and clicking on your posts.

Using Correct Hashtags

Use correct hashtags while posting something about the brand so that it makes it easy for people who are searching for the brand and the things that are related to the brand.

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Some Of The Best Alternatives IG Panel


The social media tool that helps in providing services like increasing followers, increasing the account post views, and helping in voting.

2.Fbsub Net

Instagram and Facebook services can be provided by Fbsub Net. They can be used to increase reel views and many more.

3. GetInsita

The best-recommended alternative for IG Panel, they increase your IG followers organically and initially and also can provide social media marketing services.

4. Famoid

Using this tool, users can increase their views, comments, followers, and likes on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

5. Gi panel

Your online presence can be increased, and users can also get free followers and positive comments from different accounts bought by.

6. InstaUp

The hashtags used by the brand promotions can engage the followers, and likes can be increased on Instagram and other social media platforms.


IG Panel or IGPanel Net is the best tool for social media marketing services and offers many valuable tips for Instagram users. The views can also be increased by this tool. There are many alternatives for IG Panel or IGPanel Net, and they provide identical services.

These tools are handy to increase the engagement of the social media account. The engagement of social media is beneficial because this is what the brands want. They could pay the influencers if the promotion of the brand went well.

The brands are required to be recognized by as many users as possible so that they can have the highest-selling market. The influencer fans or viewers can also help boost the sales of the brand they promote.

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