Joyce Dahmer: What Did She Say About Her Son [Jeffrey Dahmer]

In Netflix’s newest true crime series, Dahmer: Monster. The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, we never imagined that our Google search history would reveal the whereabouts of Jeffrey Dahmer and his family and victims. 

The show, which debuted on the streaming service on September 21 and stars Evan Peters as the legendary serial killer, has already been met with disapproval by the families of Dahmer’s victims and queer fans. It is based on the gruesome real-life events of Dahmer’s infamous murder spree, which occurred from 1978 to 1991. 

The people we see in the movie are real, including his parents. While fans wonder where Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, Joyce Dahmer, has been lately, Joyce’s father, Lionel, appeared in a 2020 television interview and may appear in an upcoming Netflix documentary about his son. 

Dahmer’s parents, Joyce and Lionel, and his stepmother, Shari, stood by him during his trial. Below is the information we have about Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother.

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Who Is Joyce Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother is Joyce Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer is a serial killer. On February 7, 1936, Joyce Dahmer was born in Columbus, Wisconsin. Norwegian and German origins are represented in her parents, Floyd and Lillian. 

Joyce Dahmer has a sister, and her younger brother, Donald, died in 2011. Their first child, Jeffrey, was born on May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is not known when she married Lionel Dahmer. Joyce started her career and held various positions. 

Joyce Dahmer worked as a teletype keyboard instructor for many years and was a strong, independent woman. Joyce completed her education at a private school in the town. After completing her formal education, she attended a prestigious university to complete her undergraduate and graduate degrees in counseling. She is a very educated woman. 

In 1991, she took on the case manager role for the Central Valley AIDS Team after divorcing her husband, Lionel. She was also appointed manager of the retirement community. Despite working hard, she lives on a salary. Joyce also showed kindness to many HIV patients. 

She put a lot of effort into her work throughout her life and effortlessly met her demands. After examining Joyce’s condition, doctors also recommended phenobarbital and morphine. In Fresno, California, Joyce Dahmer died of breast cancer on November 27, 2022. She was 64 years old when she died.

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Did Joyce Dahmer Spoke With Jeffrey In Prison?

Even after her son Jeffrey was sent to prison, Joyce Dahmer continued to communicate with him through all of her mental health issues. However, Joyce commented, “When I think about what Jeffrey did, I stop breathing.” When an inmate named Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer in 1994, Joyce eventually lost her son. 

She asked, “Is everyone happy now?” After learning that his son had been murdered in prison. Is everyone now satisfied with a blow to the head? Her and Lionel’s argument escalated over his death. However, although Jeffrey Dahmer’s body was burned, his brain was placed in formaldehyde after his death.

Joyce Dahmer Wanted To Test Jeffrey’s Brain

After being murdered by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver, Jeffrey’s brain was preserved in formaldehyde. However, according to the Los Angeles Times, Lionel preferred to burn the rest of his body. 

The Washington Post reports that Joyce believes biological issues may have contributed to Jeffrey’s gruesome murders. After his body was cremated in 1994, she requested that his brain be donated for research as it was preserved in formaldehyde from his autopsy. His brain was cremated in December 1995.

What Did Joyce Dahmer Said About His Son

Joyce Dahmer claimed her son’s actions caused her “guilt” and “torture.” In a phone call, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Janz, Joyce told the family that lost their son, “I’ll be forever hurt like them. Joyce believed that counseling her son and studying Jeffrey’s condition would benefit the community. 

He is not a monster. He is a person. And I think he needs some help,” Joyce Dahmer said. After uncovering her son’s crimes, Joyce Dahmer struggled with mental health issues. According to United Press International, she attempted suicide in 1994. In an interview with Hard Copy from 1993, Joyce described her son as a “compulsive, obsessive victim. 

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, she commented, “I want something useful to come out of this nightmare.

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