Marketing Squad: How A Remote Team Can Leverage Your Results

In highly competitive and constantly changing markets, capable and flexible teams are urgently needed.

All sectors of the company need teams that can respond quickly to the demands of the business. Still, marketing people must show incredible capacity and speed to generate excellent results in this scenario.

In this way, having a marketing squad is a modern and effective solution for organizations that need a quick response to the market to achieve high performance.

Micro teams fully focused on achieving goals are becoming popular among high-performing businesses. Thus, small marketing squads are becoming an excellent alternative to composing company teams.

But how are they formed, and in what way can marketing squads generate more results for your business?

Next, we’ll talk about team composition based on agile methodologies and how you can quickly and effectively implement it in your company. Follow up!

What Is A Marketing Squad?

A squad is a multidisciplinary, autonomous team focused on a specific delivery. The term came up with the Agile Manifesto and, among other agility tools, Scrum.

The squad comprises professionals from different areas of knowledge which, fully integrated, work to achieve excellent results.

Thus, a squad can be composed, for example, of a Product Owner, Graphic Designer, Traffic Manager, WordPress Developer, and Web Content Writer.

They make a joint effort to reach the goal set with complementary knowledge and skills.

But if a squad is made up of multiple teams from diverse fields, what would a marketing squad look like?

So that we can understand the concept, let’s go into detail about agile methods and the area of ​​market study.

Diversification Of The Marketing Team

Now that we’ve discussed agility and teams, it’s time to discuss marketing. This, one of the most recent organizational areas, undergoes constant and profound transformations.

Digital has arrived to revolutionize the methods and tools used by companies. And marketing would be no different.

To keep up with the online environment, other professional micro-areas have emerged and demand increasingly specialized people in their fields.

Thus, although it is common for a single individual to assume the marketing role in small organizations, medium to large businesses need a multidisciplinary team to compose their chairs in this segment. 

Studying the markets and providing the best positioning for the company in these scenarios is a job for minds from different areas of knowledge.

Therefore, marketing needs diverse professionals ranging from product managers and developers through social media, graphic designers, and SEO analysts to brand ambassadors and creators. 

Therefore, when discussing marketing, it is necessary to be clear that your deliveries need people with different knowledge and expertise.

How To Set Up A Remote Marketing Squad

So, let’s get to the point: how to assemble a marketing squad if the agile team has to be multidisciplinary? 

First of all, it is necessary to think about the product or service that the company is demanding. Based on this objective, the small squad can be designed and formed.

A lead generation campaign may need, in addition to the Product Owner, a strategist, a traffic manager, and a graphic designer, for example.

Creating websites and landing pages for a company may require a PO, a developer, a copywriter, and a designer.

In another situation, strengthening the brand image requires, for example, a Product Owner, a social media, a graphic designer, and a copywriter.

Other examples of deliveries made by marketing that need diverse teams are:

  • Campaigns to increase brand awareness and reach.
  • Campaigns to leverage sales and the commercial area.
  • Content production for marketing channels (websites, blogs, and social networks).
  • Among others.

Therefore, to assemble a marketing squad, the first step is to understand the delivery that needs to be carried out.

Next, knowing which professionals can add knowledge, experience, and practice to the project is necessary. Some of the most required are:

  • Product Owner
  • Content Writer 
  • Graphic designer
  • Traffic Manager
  • Develop Front End.

Product Owner

In summary, we can say that the PO is the professional responsible for coordinating the work of the small squad.

It represents the interests of those involved in the project (stakeholders) while prioritizing the Product Backlog items — a list with the expected features of a product/service.

In addition, the Product Owner prioritizes and adjusts the desired functionality, decides on dates, and, finally, accepts or rejects the results of the work, among other responsibilities.

So, the PO is an essential professional in the composition of marketing squads.

Content Writer

The creation of diversified texts for websites, blogs, and social networks is an area that demands professionals in different fields of writing — such as copywriters, copywriters specializing in SEO optimization, and copywriters for social networks.

Text development must follow the brand’s tone of voice and reach the company’s audience effectively.

This job requires, in addition to mastering the rules of the language, creativity and deep knowledge of the different writing techniques for online and offline.

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